Wednesday 10 October 2012

Tea for 11!

Robynne from Robynne's Nest, Liz from The Snowdrop Project, Louise from Love and Lilac, Selena from Oh, The Places We Will Go, Belinda from Wild Acre, Laura from  Happy Homemaker UK, Sarah and sweet little Sophie from Modern Country Style, Me, Becky from A Yank In Yorkshire, Gesci from Peach and Thistle and Sarah (not pictured) from Sarah Jane Down The Lane

A very belated post, but I couldn't let last Tuesday pass by completely without mention - although now I'm back in the world of work it seems like a very long time ago!
Last week was, of course, the famous Blogger's Tea. An amazing get together of like-minded bloggers organised by Laura from Happy Homemaker UK. Thanks Laura for putting together such a great day; the food, the venue, the company...nothing was lacking! And then a trip to Liberty's afterwards to round it all off. I literally can't wait until the next one!


  1. I can hardly wait either! It was such a lovely day, wasn't it? And so lovely to meet you!!

    That photo came out so well - no one blinking or grimacing!!


  2. Ooh, me too! Trying to think of another great venue - Sketch put the bar pretty high :)

  3. What a lovely happy get together - always amazing that cyber space brings people together. Who would have thought that a computer could one day be such a magical transport? x

  4. How wonderful and lovely to put faces to fellow bloggers too...
    Julie x