Sunday 30 September 2012


Eager to make the best of the last of the September sunshine I decided to put my driving jitters to one side and head out to the Daisy Roots nursery near Hertford. I managed to avoid the M25 and had a lovely drive through country lanes and past pretty little villages. It was quiet at the nursery and I was lucky enough the have the place to myself.

The nursery backs onto fields and is ringed on two sides by gorgeous cottage borders, which give lots of ideas for planting schemes as you are walking around. It's a lovely spot to wander around and there are plenty of pretty arrangements to get the green fingers itching!

I picked up a couple of plants for the garden and had a nice chat with the owner's partner and Myrtle the dog! It was so nice to ask for advice and get friendly and helpful information back rather than the glare of irritation or off-handed shrug which I often get met with in B&Q or large busy garden centres. All in all, much nicer experience than the commericalised garden centres that I usually go to and I will definitely be back!

We then stopped for lunch at Westmill village which in the fading September sunshine was the quintessential English hamlet. We enjoyed lovely sandwiches and cakes at the little cafe overlooking the village green and then had a wander around. Despite it's petite proportions Westmill village had everything from sweet terraced cottages...

to grand Georgian piles! A wonderful way to round off the last Saturday in September!


  1. Glad to hear I not the only one with driving jitters! Much nicer to drive along quiet country lanes anyway! Lovely pictures and looks like the sun was shining xxx

  2. Daisy Roots is a great nursery. I bought some plants there last year when some houses next door had an open gardens event.

    Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday at the Blogger tea in London!

    Louise x

  3. Hi, the nursery looks lovely.I have a lovely old nursery near to me it's surrounded by lovely old walls and each time I've been the sun has shone and I've been given good service by the owner.The best plant I got was a Verbena Bonariensis(Think that's the correct spelling!)I have over used the word lovely there,sorry!! Wishing you more sunshine in the garden Pam.

  4. What a lovely Nursery and I agree with you, the smaller Nurseries always offer brilliant helpful advice. We are fortunate to have several local Nurseries in our area. I love those gorgeous terraced houses. I also avoid freeways! Have a wonderful Blogger Tea.

  5. I love the Westmill tea room...such a pretty little village with a great view from the tea room window...I must now look for your recommended 'Daisy roots' Thanks for sharing...
    Fiona x

  6. I LOVE going to nurseries! Slightly harder with lots of children in tow!! But when I have a moment to myself from time to time, it's pure luxury to browse beautiful plants!


  7. What a brilliant name for a nursery! I've only ever been on the M25 as passenger - and that's the way it'll stay ;o)
    We're lucky to live very close (within 10 miles) of at least three nurseries and 4 garden centres, but I much prefer the nurseries. Plants are certainly cheaper and the advice is invaluable.
    Daisy Roots looks a fab place, and Westmill looks pretty good too :o)
    Glad that you had such a lovely day out.
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  8. This is definitely my idea of a near perfect Saturday - throw in a couple of antique shops (the junk shop kind NOT the posh Acorn Antiques type!) and I'd be in seventh heaven!
    Paula xx

  9. Are you going back there again? Could you snaffle Myrtle for me? LOVE HER!
    So nice to meet you Charlotte, Hope you got home safe and sound? I am wondering how to create a forest mural a la Sketch, on the cowshed walls! Wrong maybe?

    Love sarah -x-x-x-

  10. What a perfect day, love that village! So glad to have found your blog, looks like we could have been in Paris at the same time! Hugs, catherine x

  11. Looks like a perfect day out with wonderful weather :) Lovely photos!

  12. We have been to a garden centre today (not a nursery - of course, you know there is a difference!) just for compost, but you struck lucky with the weather for your outings ... we have just visited two lovely historic houses, too: Lanhydrock (NT, Cornwall) which featured in last night's BBC2 programme on Servants, and Knightshayes court (NT, Devon) which has the most amazing High Victorian Gothic decorative interior, plus its gorgeous garden-in-a-wood. Both worth seeing for anyone spending time in Devon & Cornwall.
    Margaret P

  13. Wow I cant believe your garden is so beautiful at the end of September. You should see mine. It's been raining and the leaves are really coming down. Its a soggy mess out there and if it doesn't stop for awhile it will wait till Spring. Already snow flying a little north of us. I am not ready for that...........or frosts. Got to get the houseplants inside
    Nice to see your garden looking so nice