Saturday 22 September 2012

Bon Vacances II

It was a boiling hot day when we reached Versailles, we had taken the metro to a station that we could catch the RER line and were rather amused when we were confronted with a double-decker train! After queueing for what seemed to be a very long time we found ourselves battling the crowds to visit the various rooms open to visitors in the main palace. As a result many of my photos seem to be only pointed towards the ceiling as I tried not to catch the backs of twenty strangers' heads in my Versailles photos!

The Palace itself is amazing, so sumptuous - lovely parquet floors and brocade wallpaper. The pictures on the above right are of the Trianon which was the holiday home. It seems funny how their holiday home was basically at the bottom of their garden but then it is a very big garden!

I loved all the different styles; from the ultra formal fountains and long lime avenues to the little intricately planted parterres to bucolic vistas. It was a warm day so it was really nice wandering around, the gardens blend out to parkland which was filled with French families having picnics under old trees and enjoying bike rides along the cobbled pathways in the golden afternoon sunlight.

And then we were at the Petit Trianon, I have to admit I was looking forward to this the most! Having a nose around Marie Antoinette's little private getaway was sublime and I much preferred it to Versailles. It was very pretty in varying shades of eau de nil and pale blue with lots of delicate furniture upholstered in soft damasks and delicate spriggy fabric.
She also had her own hamlet made so she could go and play at being a shepherdess!

It was very sweet to walk around, although it felt rather odd and a little unreal as none of the houses were lived in and I doubt they were ever meant to be habitable. The gardens are all in use though and one was home to the most enormous pumpkin patch! I like to think of the numerous gardeners at Versailles coming along to the patch in late autumn and selecting their pumpkins for a lovely dinner at home!


  1. What sumptuous photos! I have never been to Petit Trianon, looks so very pretty - and the hamlet slightly bonkers! Really look forward to meeting you at the Bloggers' tea. Bx

  2. How beautiful! The ceilings are so pretty. I do the same thing when I visit places as it seems everyone looks at the camera.
    Lovely gardens.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos, it looks like a place which should go on anyone's "to do" list!I really enjoyed the look around, how grand it all is.

  4. I adore Versaille, not just the chateau but the town is fantastic. Had a magical three nights there in June and would dearly love to go back x

  5. Wonderful photos Charlotte, I must visit Versaille! I can imagine you had a stiff neck from looking up at all the beauty to capture such lovely photos.....minus heads!
    Have a lovely week and thanks for sharing!
    Fiona x

  6. So lovely! Have not been there for years and this brings it all back. It is surreal there I think, how to balance the stupendous riches with the poverty? Your photos are wonderful and stunning. x

  7. I have never been to Versaille but its on my list. Next time I go to England I want to go over to France and spend a couple of days there. Its easy enough to go from there. This is a must see for me. Great pictures

  8. I am completely in love with the photo of the front with all the lollipop tress lines up. How gorgeous is that?! I want that house for me!!! ;-)

    I came to have a peep around your blog because I'm going to next week's blogger meet-up too!...and what a lovely surprise! Your blog is fab! I've subscribed and have had a lovely look round!


  9. Lovely photos of Versailles! I love wandering through the gardens there. Petit Trianon looks incredible as well! I'll have to had it to my list of 'must-sees' next time we visit Paris!

    Wanted to stop by and say I'm looking forward to meeting you at the blogger's tea on Tuesday!

    Becky x

  10. Hi Charlotte, your photos are lovely...I haven't been to Versailles as yet, but have visited Napoleon's Apartments in Le Louvre...and they blew my mind...especially the chandeliers! Looking forward to meeting you in London next week with Laura and her gang. Robx

  11. Your photos are beautiful Charlotte. You did extremely well not to have any random faces and backs of heads in them! I love the collage of Petit Trianon. Marie Antoinette was appreciative (in her own way) of the countryside, when the general view of her contemporaries was one of distaste (all those peasants!) and fear. She was a trail-blazer for our love of all things, 'Escape to the Country'!!

    Have a great time at the blogger's tea in London.


  12. I've never been there, but you can bet I am dying to see those gardens! Your photos are gorgeous; it looks as 'over the top' as I would expect :)

  13. What a wonderful post place on my to do list is Versailles..thank you for sharing such exquisite photos with us. Sharon x