Sunday 21 October 2012


The leaves on the trees are edged with shades of yellow and russet. A slow gentle decline has come to the garden; the tall Hollyhocks and Verbena flop under the cooler, damp weather we have been having lately. Hydrangea blooms are slowly turning to papery sepia coloured blossoms and in the next few months will be edged with silvery frost transforming them to a delicate Brodie anglaise.

Almost black, conical Rudbeckia seed heads will provide a little respite for the sparrows in the colder, sparser months that are to come and will look almost spectral in the winter; laced with spider webs and twinkling with frost. The grass seed heads (which present a challenge to photograph as they are constantly ruffled by the wind) have turned a beautiful plum colour reminiscent of hedgerow fruits.
As the nights begin to draw in I find myself out in the garden after work, trying to make the most of the light evenings before the season triumphs and I am relegated to the armchair until the weekends.


  1. Oh what a lovely description, very eloquent!

  2. A lovely post and the photo of your lounge is beautiful.

  3. Such a lovely post have shutters! YOU HAVE SHUTTERS! LOVE them ;D. You are of course quite right I am thinking of a Liberty pied a terre, 3rd floor next to Hab!

    Sarah -x-

  4. Love the shot of your home - so cozy and lovely. Wonderful photos of the garden in its last moments too :)

  5. I have just found your blog so pretty lovely photos. I am trying to be positive about winter and really it is a time for the gardens and gardeners to rest although I am not fond of the darker evenings I think this year I will try to take advantage of the rest instead of fretting ! Following with interest.

  6. You are right you need to grab every moment of warmth and light to make the most of the last days tidying up the garden. It is always surprising how beautiful flowering plants can be just as beautiful in the Autumn. Sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while. What a lovely idea to all meet up in London I bet that was a lovely day.
    Have a great week.

  7. Your home is so lovely. I love all the little special touches, have such an eye for detail. :)