Wednesday 1 June 2011

Roses and wardrobes

Another purchase from Velvet Ribbon arrived in the post - an old Marmalade jar which is the perfect size for storing my washing-up brushes.
Ivy was very pleased with the box it came in - perfect kitten size!
In another bid to save space we have installed a Victorian style Pulley Maid. It does make our small utility area much more spacious and the clothes dry very quickly too. Hopefully I'll be able to dry flowers on it later in the year!
Earlier in the year we tied the roses against the wall and they have rewarded our efforts and thorn-pricked fingers with multiple blooms this year.
We have also bought a wardrobe for our second bedroom - we currently have a linen covered one in there just now so this will hopefully replace it.
I say hopefully because we haven't managed to get it up our small cottage staircase yet. We have got the base, cornice and single doored section up there but the double wardrobe remains in the sitting room. But we've got a few more tricks up our sleeves before we accept defeat - fingers crossed we'll get it up there eventually!
Thank you for all your lovely comments - I think all the kitten appreciation definitely went to Holly's head! Wishing you all a jolly June!


  1. Lovely pictures :-) My daugther said åhh when she saw the kitten.

  2. Hello Charlotte:
    Why is it that cats do love to be curled up in enclosed spaces? Ivy looks completely at home in her cardboard box and, we are sure, would far prefer it to any fancy accommodation that she may be provided with.

    Tying the roses to the wall is an excellent idea since it not only tidies them but also encourages flowering. From experience we can say that the more branches can be trained horizontally, the better will be the flower production.

    Good luck with the wardrobe. This brings back memories of a sofa experience which eventually led to the removal of a window and several strong men with pulleys. Don't ask!

  3. Love those pulley dryer things,I've always wanted one.Hope you manage to get that lovely wardrobe into the bedroom. :0)

  4. Hello Charlotte, lovely pictures and good luck with the wardrobe! Your roses are very nice so is the Pulley Maid, that is what I need in my laundry.

  5. Having two kittens around must be so much fun -better than watching T.V. ! I use my marmalade jars as plant holders too !

  6. Ah I love your cottage, garden, and your kitties are so cute!

  7. Your roses look lovely, and so does the wardrobe, we had the same problem when we moved with our large wardrobe and had to admit defeat, by leaving the top in the garage! hope you have more success because it looks a good find.

  8. Hope you manage to get the rest of the wardrobe upstairs without too much dismantling....such a pretty colour, I'm sure it will fit in beautifully with your other pieces.
    Julie x

  9. Oh I did smile, you have my sympathy, we have never managed to get wardrobes up our stairs and had to resort to hanging rails, but I have plans...
    Lovely photos of the kittens!

  10. The wardrobe looks perfect, hope you do manage to get it upstairs without too much of a fight.
    I love your colour choice for the roses against the brick wall. I am off to investigate Velvet Brown now.x

  11. I am loving the lovely new things in your cottage xx

  12. Let us hope you don't have to take the wardrobe through a window. Love the clothes airer, such a practical idea. Your roses are wonderful. Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  13. Good luck getting the wardrobe in the room!
    Lovely kitten - they love boxes dont they? Our 4 year old cat still does - any box will do!

  14. Hullo noted the word'Totteridge' on Spotty Pony's blog,I lived with my G/parents in Totteridge Lane at a house called 'Fairlawn' nearer the Mill Hill end from Whetstone.
    They owned alot of land around,and kept horses,chickens.
    Have never been back,but expect the house is stil there?
    I have enjoyed trolling your blog,had to smile about the wardrobe & the stairs I have lived mostly in very old houses & the tales i could tell!!! windows removed & once we nearly had to remove half our staircase!!
    Let us know how you manage.Ida

  15. Lovely pictures! Cute kitties...
    Take care,