Sunday 8 May 2011

Paws and pressed flowers

The kittens have kept me busy for a while, but they are having one of their siestas so time for a post! There have been some more changes at the cottage, we have finally bought some bedside tables and lamps - no more rock, paper, scissor, stone competitions over who will get out of bed to turn out the light!
We bought the little french style bedside tables from Velvet Ribbon and the bedside lamps from B&Q an idea I pilfered from Sophie Honeysuckle! I think they look quite good, although is it just me or is the wall above the bed desperately in need of a plate or two?!
While I was in our bedroom I took a few photos of my pressed flower pictures.
 I made these when I was 11 with help from my Dad. We would often go for walks in the nearby countryside and along the river near our home, on these jaunts I took to picking the different types of wild flowers that grew in abundance along the tracks. When we got home I would identify them and put them in the flower press. After I had accumulated a fair few my Dad suggested writing their names in calligraphy (which was one of my hobbies) and getting them framed. Unfortunately the teenage years struck and after assembling the various sheets they languished in my bedroom at home until a few years ago when I took them to a local framer and got them mounted and put in birds eye maple frames.
I think the overall result is rather lovely and for me they encapsulate the spring and summer days, long grasses tickling my knees and conversations with my Dad as we strode along. I also like to think that these are the heirlooms of the future - hopefully my children will one day hang these on their walls and those golden memories of time spent with my Dad will be carried on into another generation.
I've had a few more additions on my dresser, two more sponge ware plates and two Victorian green floral plates and matching platter a la eBay!
Holly and Ivy have been settling in well - making themselves very at home as you can see!
They love playing games on the stairs....
...and making "It wasn't me" faces!
Happy May everyone!


  1. Your kittens look so sweet. Love your pressed flower pictures!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  2. Those kittens are adorable! Love the little white paws!

  3. I love your pressed flower pictures, and it's lovely that you have such happy memories associated with them. Your bedside tables and lamps look great too.

  4. What dear little kittens!I bet you are having lots of fun with them!
    Love those pressed flower pictures and the story behind them,and your new additions to the bedroom. ;0)

  5. Gosh, I felt a bit choked reading about the flower pressing with your dad - how absolutely gorgeous, heirlooms indeed.x

  6. ps can you remember did you just stick the flowers on with glue? I think my daughter would love to do something like this.x

  7. I am always pleased to see you have done another post and can't wait to get over to see.
    Your pressed flower pictures are beautiful and look perfect on the bedroom wall, so in keeping with the calm and pretty room.
    Holly and Ivy look adorable and oh so innocent!x

  8. Your new additions to the bedroom look lovely. It is really nice that you still have the flower pressings, what great memories. I used to love to do that too! I love your dresser, it is such a dinky little size. Love Linda x

  9. Hello Charlotte,I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm glad i did. What a charming blog. Like you, I am working on an old house and enjoying making it into a home.
    Your bog first caught my eye, as I lived in Bucks and there was an area called Totteridge not far from our town.
    I am now, after 6 years of planning, living in Somerset and loving it.
    I love your interior, although with 2 hairy dogs , I am erring towards mud and dog coloured furnishings LOL
    Lovely to meet you! blessings, Kath

  10. Hello:
    We have fallen instantly in love with Holly and Ivy! They are absolutely lovely, as is your cottage which we find so hard to believe is actually in London. You have created so effectively a 'country' feel and looking back at some of your earlier posts we feel totally inspired!

    This is a beautifully presented blog which we have discovered by chance and to which we shall look forward to returning.

  11. Hello Charlotte
    Your bedroom says: calm, fresh and country. I'm sure you'll often find Holly and Ivy sneaking in there for a catnap.
    Your framed pressed flowers are such a lovely way to preserve happy childhood memories and they complete that nostalgic country look in your room.
    In my opinion, less is more, so I don't think you need any plates above the bed: it looks perfect just the way it is.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, they are so cute, it is just a shame they can't always stay as kittens. I am loving the bedside tables your little story of rock paper scissors made me laugh and reminded me of the film P.S I Love You.

  13. I came over to visit from Jeanne's garden cottage blog and Oh I am so glad she suggested we pay you a visit. How lovely your place is. Those pressed flowers remind me of times spent in nature when my children were little and we homeschooled. We spent a good several hours outdoors everyday observing, collecting, and frolicking in nature. They each kept nature journal that they pressed flowers, leaves, bugs in and jotted down a few words of info about each item. I keep those journals in their hopechests. Your kitties are so so adorable. Our kitten, Lily Monet, just turned one. She was the runt of the litter so is still rather small. I am now a follower!

  14. Your bedroom looks so calm and full of light. The framed pressed flowers are a pretty touch and I love those dinky little bedside tables!

    Holly and Ivy are just so sweet, I'm not surprised they have been keeping you busy - their antics are adorable (if a little naughty) at that age!


  15. Just found your blog - I've enjoyed reading it.
    Please will you have a look at Pilgrim and Pie .
    If you like what you see maybe you could put me on your list.

    Another beautiful sunny day here so it 'll be out working in the garden.

    Diane. x

  16. The kittens are so so sweet!
    The bedroom looks lovely, and I love your pressed flower pictures - so special, with memories of you and your Dad.