Thursday 21 April 2011

Plates, pictures and......

Kittens! Meet Holly...
 ....and Ivy.

Ivy is a little bit younger and hasn't quite got camera posing down to a fine art like Holly but I'm sure she'll soon learn! We'd been meaning to get some furry friends for our cottage for a while and we've finally bitten the bullet. So far they are behaving themselves quite well and the lovely sunny weather has meant lots of sun siestas in their tweed bed!
On my latest trip to Camden Passage I stopped by the "plate lady" a tiny shop absolutely filled to bursting with beautiful antique plates. On a rummage through her stalls outside I spied the perfect addition to my plate display for the master bedroom.
Beautiful delicate pink roses with tiny blue forget-me-nots and a nice gently faded gilt rim and a very reasonable price of £5! Perfection!
I also picked up these two pretty sideplates to round off the wall display which for £2 each were a steal!
I'm quite pleased with the end result.
I've also had the small antique picture that I mentioned a while ago hung on the wall in t he second bedroom and have added some handblown glass baubles to my shelf hooks and the moustache cup!
We're having glorious weather here so I've popped outside to take a few photos.
The garden is coming along quite nicely though once the narcissi die down I need to plant lots of foxgloves, delphiniums, hollyhocks etc. I'd like to create a "wall of flowers" around the decking.
Here's the view from the bottom of the garden, as you can see I still have a few spaces to fill down here, but I've put my order in with Sarah Raven so watch this space! Just in case you are wondering, that funny looking orange bag is my potato sack! Hopefully I'll be harvesting homegrown potatoes in the next few months! 
The garden is smelling divine just now as the lilac is in full bloom and scenting the warm spring air. The bees are in seventh heaven! Happy Easter hols everyone!


  1. Lovely pictures of the cottage, but the kittens have stolen the show, and I'm not even a 'cat' person! Adorable!

  2. I love the plates, it is amazing how effective that looks, I may just have to steal this idea for when I get a place of my own one day. The kittens are gorgeous, I remember my cat being as small as this all those years ago, she used to sit in the palm of my hand hehee xxx

  3. Pretty kittens - and pretty plates! Your garden looks great! Abby x

  4. Oh my - such sweet kittens and I love their names!

    Those lovely plates look perfect on the wall in your bedroom.

    Happy Easter weekend.


  5. Love the kittens...soooo sweet!! Lovely pictures and the plates look perfect on the wall above the fireplace. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    Jo xx

  6. I love that shade of pink (top plate) and have a few......does it have a particular name?

  7. Oh it is such a shame I have an allergy to cats, those kittens are adorable.
    The plates are very pretty and look lovely on the wall, especially with the sunlight filling the room.
    Have a very Happy Easter. Abby x

  8. I just love kittens - your latest additions are very, very cute!

  9. Oh I have kitten withdrawal symptoms!! they are beautiful!!! You house is pretty lovely too xx

  10. Beautiful pictures! Happy Easter! Cx

  11. Beautiful photographs of your cottage and I love your new plates! I am also not a "cat person" but your kittens are adorable! Your outside photo is lovely. Ann

  12. I loved every bit of this post.
    The cottage, garden and plates all look just fab but I am afraid those two incredibly cute kittens stole the show! Holly is very pretty and I adore Ivy's little white nose.
    My two cats are the same colouring as Holly, I'd forgotten they ever looked that innocent, they area pair of naughty girls now. Have a lovely Easter.

  13. Charlotte, Darling Kittens! A house is not a home without cats, in my humble opinion! The plates look wonderful. I am intrigued about growing potatoes in a bag - how is that done? Please email me if you have time - I'd love to try growing them.

  14. The kittens are adorable. The new plate selection looks great and what a gorgeous garden, I can just imagine how it will look. You must find it difficult to drag yourself away from this heavenly little cottage? Hope you had a very happy Easter, love Linda x

  15. i am loving your bedroom xx

  16. Oh, your kittens are just adorable. Lovely house too! - have just found your lovely blog and look forward to reading more.

  17. Hi, your bedroom is so peaceful looking, the delicate pressed flowers only add to the look, superb. I only came across your blog last night and have enjoyed my visit so much, we almost assume London to be about bustle but your small cottage is so tranquil looking and inviting, a haven and santuary.

    Peg x