Wednesday 6 April 2011

Eiderdowns and orchids

A few new acquisitions for the cottage have been acquired lately! A few weeks ago I visited the Spring Country Living Fair, I had to be very strong willed as I could easily have spent a fortune and manage to resist the temptation of some rather impractical objects. But I knew I was doomed as soon as I approached the Velvet Ribbon stall - whose main trade is in deliciously covetable eiderdowns. I got there early before the crowds and managed to purchase this beautiful double eiderdown!
I also visited the Sea Garden stall which was wonderfully well-presented and spied this lovely brass box
I also bought some of Christine's botanical note cards - which are really too lovely to send to people!
The fair was becoming rather full at this point so I made one last stop to procure this delightful hand painted Victorian moustache cup which hangs happily on one of my dresser hooks - though it may migrate upstairs to one of the shelf hooks later on!
 And I couldn't resist this heart shaped ivy plant in a vintage style zinc pot.
Not a bad haul from my day at the fair!
During the weekend we visited the gorgeous Petersham Nurseries definitely one of my favourite places. Everything is so exquisitely displayed and they have some lovely plants - another place where I could spend a lot of money!
The food there is really tasty too - we had a spot of lunch at the tea house in one of the old glasshouses. These photos have been borrowed from the Petersham nursery website as every time I visit I always forget my camera - must remember next time!
We came away with a few plants to go out in the garden and this lovely little yellow orchid and a mini Italian urn style pot. I have killed a few orchids in the past so hopefully I won't over water this one - any tips on keeping it alive will be gratefully received!
Have a lovely April!


  1. Hello Charlotte, you have some beautiful purchases. We live in a Federation weatherboard Australian house and are downsizing next year into a smaller Victorian cottage, that is still to be built. I have got some wonderful ideas for use of space from your blog, for instance the dark slate tiles you used in the bathroom instead of white. Have a lovely week, your blog is such an inspiration. Kind regards, Ann ~ Australia.

  2. Oooh, what a glorious haul! It is utterly futile to resist a beautiful (clean!) antique eiderdown, and yours is so pretty!

    I am v envious of your Petersham visit - would love to go, on my list, but such an awful drive from where I live!

    Excuse my ignorance, but why a 'moustache' cup - have never heard that term before? Bxx

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  4. What a fantastic array of treasures, I love the eiderdown and moustache cup. I cannot imagine being let loose at the Country Living Fair, I would be an utter nightmare.
    jo xx

  5. Hi Charlotte
    For some reason my google account decided to call me by the name above my comment so don't worry that was only me that removed the comment as you wouldn't have known who it was from!!! My computer is acting a bit strangely at the mo!
    Jo xx

  6. I have wanted to go to Petersham Nursery for ages - it would warrant a weekend away as its really too far to drive in a day. On my list though!

    Lovely treasures Charlotte.

    Hope you are having as lovely a day in London as we are, here in sunny Suffolk. It's gorgeous!


  7. The Petersham Nursery looks like a beautiful place. Perhaps I will find some time to visit next time I am in the UK.

    Your finds from the Country Living fair look really pretty!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. What a pretty eiderdown Charlotte...I bet you were thrilled to find it at the Country Living Fair.
    Your cottage is really coming together now with some lovely, well chosen pieces....
    Julie x

  9. Hello Charlotte,
    What a delicious blog, your cottage looks so pretty and you are very clever at finding the perfect items for it, love your taste, great inspiration!
    I have only ever been to the Glasgow Christmas C L fair but hope one day I'll finally get to the London spring fair.
    Best wishes.

  10. I forgot to say, I hope it is ok if I put you in my bloglist.

  11. @Bluebell Hi, Yes of course! Hope you enjoyed your visit!


  12. Charlotte, you bagged some wonderful buys at the CL fair! That quilt is gorgeous!
    I didnt go this year as i went to the xmas one but it is a great place and hard to resist getting your purse out - i love all your buys!

  13. You have a beautiful blog and lovely pictures! Have a nice weekend...
    Best wishes,

  14. I have just discovered you through Wild Acre. I love your blog and the fabulous buys you made from the CL fair too... all the things I like to have in my own home. Abby

  15. How wonderful! Your blog is great and I love these pictures.

    Do you love Great Britain? Come on over to the Britophile's sanctuary where you'll find pictures, video, recipes, history, news, and more!

  16. Hi Charlotte, your home is looking wonderful! Lucky you getting to the CL show and seeing The Sea Garden stand, it won the big prize! Lizzie x

  17. Hello! I've stumbled along your blog and it's lovely.

    Your little cottage is similar in layout to mine but your getting on a lot faster with yours than I am with mine! I've had to gut mine and start again. Yours looks wonderful. xx

  18. I love your beautiful blog and your beautiful cottage. The eiderdown is lovely. It has been many years since I have been in London and I long to go again soon. Until that time, I will visit your blog often.