Friday 17 June 2011


Ta da! We got the wardrobe into the bedroom! (Sorry about the lighting in this photos it's been a dismal day here in London!) After quite a bit of help from friends and neighbours and gradual dismantling we managed to get it up the stairs (in pieces) and then re-assemble it in the bedroom!
We're very pleased with it - finally a space to hang all of our clothes!
There have been changes afoot in the sitting room too, as an impromptu visit to the local architectural salvage yard resulted in two pairs of shutters. Perfect for the sitting room window.
I think the surround that we constructed to hold the shutters could do with staining down a shade or two darker or perhaps we'll paint it to the same colour as the sitting room wall so that it blends in...
We also had some shelves put in the sitting room to house a few books, maybe a lamp and perhaps a few pretty things?
 And the kittens have not been left out! They have received a snazzy tweed day bed with goes under the stairs in the dining room. Here's Ivy trying it our for size:
But it would seem that the dining room chairs have still not lost their appeal!


  1. Well done with the wordrobe. Those shutters are fab. Very cute kittns too!

  2. LOVE your kittens
    fun post and beautiful too

  3. Congrats on getting the wardrobe up the stairs. In our previous house our lounge was upstairs. We purchased a three seater sofa and then couldn't get it upstairs. Luckily after managing to get the legs off it just went up with literally millimeters to spare. These things can be frustrating - thankfully there usually is a solution!
    Your cats are real cute!

  4. Hello Charlotte

    Well done and, from what you say, I gather that you didn't need to hoist it up on pulleys and remove the bedroom window in order to get it into the house. All your labours must, anyway, feel worthwhile because the wardrobe stands beautifully in your bedroom and how good to have lots and lots of storage.


  5. Hello!
    Ohhh so lovely blog you have!!!
    iam so happy that I found it!!!!
    Coming Back soon!
    Have a nice day!

  6. I love shutters and they are eco friendly too. Unfortunately none of our windows will fit them!!! not enough space, or not enough of the right shaped space, around the windows.

  7. It all looks great. I love those new shelves!

  8. Love your blog and your cottage, you have a really nice style, look forward to seeing more :-)

  9. Hi Charlotte,
    The wardrobe looks great, it was definately worth the effort.
    Your shelves look lovely too, you are going to have lots of fun chosing things to go on them. We used to have shelves in the alcove beside the fireplace in our previous cottage, I do miss them, especially at Christmas, wonder if I could persuade OH to get dust off his saw!
    Holly and Ivy are really growing up but are still as cute as ever, hope they appreciate their new bed.

  10. These pictures are great:)