Thursday 19 August 2010

Cottage update

Here are my latest cottage photos, the bathroom is now finished. We've got all of my cupboards up, had the heated towel rail installed and generally prettified it.
Over the weekend, I'd managed to complete one of my sewing projects - a blind for the bathroom. I made it out of an old tablecloth with some lovely cut-work detail. Unfortunately, because of the strange shape of the bathroom window I did have to chop it about a bit but it think the result is quite good.
That's it for now, the kitchen still needs a few finishing touches, but if we get some good weather (what's happened to August??) I'll take a photo of the new front door! Thank you for all of the really lovely comments I'm so glad you all like my cottage!


  1. Looks wonderful! I can't wait to see more. Don't work too hard.


  2. Lovely bathroom - clever idea with the cloth. It looks great - bet you're thrilled to bits!


  3. That's looking great! I especially love your laundry bag on your door. *drool* And the blind looks brilliant!

  4. Looks gorgeous, and I love the blind you have made.
    Jo xx

  5. Hi Charlotte - You've worked so hard - well done - the bathroom looks gorgeous.
    Just wanted to ask you if you'd mind if I added the photo of your loo with the little cupboard above it to my website's 'inspiration' page, where I show some of my sold items. Not a problem if you'd rather I didn't.
    Hope you're happy in your new home - have a great w/e,
    Niki :)