Thursday 29 July 2010

In at last!

Good grief, that was a bit of a struggle, we've managed to get just under 40 boxes into our little dwelling and negotiated some rather large items of furniture up the decidedly bijou staircase but we're in!! Finally, I've managed to get some photos taken of our cottage, I have to admit that it is not as tidy as it looks in the photo - the clutter and unpacked boxes are just out of view! Plus we haven't had a chance to hang any pictures yet. So here is a little mini tour - no pics of kitchen, bathroom or garden yet that's all a bit messy still.

Here is the sitting room, sorry I caught a bit of my thumb on the edge of this one!
Another view of the sitting room - recognise the cushion??
Here is the dining room:
Then upstairs to the main bedroom - I'm so glad we went for the fireplace in the end, it really adds something to the room.
And finally, the second bedroom:
Just a sneaky peak as it's not very tidy!

Well, that's it for now, thank you to all my followers for sticking with me in the eons it takes for me to get a post together just now!


  1. Looks wonderful ... can't wait to see more! Lisa

  2. I am so very happy for you Charlotte. Your cottage looks super, you've obviously worked so very hard. I wish you both happiness in your new home.
    When you are rested don't forget to send me your new address.

  3. It looks really elegant and lovely.

  4. Looking the dining room.
    Julie x

  5. Brilliant Charlotte. So pleased you're finally in. Apologies again for not letting you know p&p costs. Never seem to have the right cardboard box. Will try to let you know this week.

  6. oh my darling!! your new cottage is getting really charming and cozy, and soooo pretty too!!!
    It makes me feel so happy when someone get it´s own house, I know the happiness it can bring, as it did to me too!!! Congrats!!
    maria cecilia

  7. Looks a lovely cottage, good luck, and great blog !

  8. Hi Charlotte
    Yes, I recognise that cushion, it looks lovely. You have worked so hard and the cottage looks stunning. Please post more pics of the other rooms when they are finished? Can't wait to see them.
    Jo xx

  9. Hello Charlotte, your home is absolutely gorgeous! I have just found your blog and going to look through now. Your home should be profiled in "Country Homes & Interiors", a magazine I adore. Well done! I can't wait to see more photographs. The colour paint you have used in the lounge area is beautiful and I love the timber floors and fireplace. Kindest regards, Ann ~ Australia.

  10. Thats very cute, the whole scheme of your cottage goes together well. I like the daybed too!