Wednesday 5 May 2010

Quilter's corner!

I have been spending most of my spare time working on my quilt and neglecting my blog! Anyway, here is my progression so far, as you can see I've added on a few more pieces. Though I am beginning to suspect that I may have been trying to be too clever as the quilt is getting trickier and trickier! I'll stick with it though - watch this space!

I also wanted to say thank you very much for all of the kind comments that have been posted on my blog! I was a bit worried that I would remain undiscovered in cyber space! I shall have to make more of an effort with my posts now that I know I have a highly discerning readership!
Please also excuse the quality of the photos - my digital camera went on strike so I had to use my camera phone!


  1. Well done Charlotte - progress indeed. You'll have finished it before you know it!

    Now, just keep those blogposts coming!

    Sue x

  2. Welcome to Blogland Charlotte...
    I've now added your link..hope it brings some ladies your way!
    Love the quilt block...I have made quilts in the past (all by hand) so know what a labour of love they are. (There is a brilliant shop in Bath called 'Country Threads' - they have amazing fabrics and run some fab courses.)

    Good luck with the exchange of contracts...nerve racking!
    Niki x