Monday 26 April 2010

Beautiful Beginnings....

After a long period of procrastinating I have finally made a start on my quilt. I'm making it from mainly vintage fabrics from the superlative Sandie at Rag Rescue.
It's the first one I have ever made and I'm mainly teaching myself with reference to the internet during the tricky parts. So far (even if I say so myself!) it's not looking too bad although it did take me a good while to decide which fabrics to use!


  1. Hi Charlotte, Congratulations on your house buy, how exciting, can't wait to see pictures of inside.
    The quilting looks great, clever you. I found some more triangles the other day, which I don't think you have, so will speak to you later about them.
    Thank you for the link, I'll reciprocate.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue

  2. Great news = look forward to more blog posts about your new home. I eventually found that little picture, so do let me know if you would still like it (or not!)
    Best wishes, xxx

  3. Hi Charlotte

    So pleased to hear you've exchanged. Shall keep watching with great interest and look forward to seeing your new home in all its glory. Love your blog name!

    Really thrilled for you!

    Sue x

  4. The little picture is VERY similar to the one you bought from me, so I will take it to Shepton Mallet this weekend.. unless you want it..(it was the one you spotted on my last blogpost about the Shepton fair!) xx

  5. Such great news Charlotte. It was wonderful to meet you and your husband at Dairy House. I hope you enjoy your pretty eiderdown.

    Donna xxx