Monday 4 August 2014


It was lovely having my Mum and sister down, even though it was only a very short visit. They arrived on Wednesday and were back up to Scotland on Friday! My sister reported that the sleigh bed was very comfortable and Mum was nice and cosy in the garden room with her en suite! They both had eiderdowns and quilts on their beds, but I don't think either ended up staying on for very long as it was so hot while they were visiting!

A couple of days before my visitors arrived I had a phone call from Colin at Crystal Corner to let me know that the antique French chandelier I bought unwired from Rosehip in the Country back in March was ready. The above photo shows it in its unwired, unrestored state. After picking it up from the lovely Rosehip shop in Long Melford, the chandelier languished in a box from March-July while I tried to figure out if I could re-wire it myself. But the more I looked into it the more complicated it seemed to get so I decided it was a much better idea to pay someone else who knew who knew what they were doing!

After getting in touch with Colin via his wife who runs Crystal Corner, he very kindly offered to collect, restore, deliver and hang it for me. Later on that day he arrived on his motor bike, carefully packed the chandelier up and whisked it away to his workshop in Marlow. Now, restored to its former glory, it hangs in our sitting room, rewired and with the missing crystals added back onto the frame. We need to replace the bulbs for some others that are slightly less tall (we might go for some pygmie bulbs but I am not sure if they would be too tiny?) But we are really pleased with the result which is so much nicer than the plain black B&Q 3-arm chandelier that we had inherited from the previous owners and had swinging arms!


  1. Your chandelier is lovely. I have a reproduction that is quite a lot like this. We bought small bulbs at our big box USA store, Home Depot. Perfect.

  2. Beautiful chandelier, I thought you were going to say it was hanging in your new guest bedroom, but I guess it should be seen more often and the sitting room is definitely the place for that. Sharon

  3. It is lovely and perfect in your home.

  4. Beautiful, looks just right. You have a lovely home, Jane x

  5. It's a beautiful chandelier, so much better than a new version . I love the shutters on your window too.

  6. Oh, that first photo is so inviting! I can well imagine your family enjoying their stay.
    Hugs to Holly and Ivy,

  7. I love each of the photo's,the sleigh bed looks so charming and the chandelier is wonderful! The fabric in the last picture is gorgeous!Is it a recent purchase? Kind regards Pam.

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for your kind words. No, I've had the door curtain since we moved in 4 years ago - it's an old Laura Ashley print called Stocks...I think. Ours has faded a bit which I prefer since the colours are quite strong otherwise!

  8. Charlotte, what a perfectly charming cottage you have! Your chandelier made me think of the apartment my husband and I lived in for our first 8 years - the top floor of a circa 1910 house with a beautiful chandelier in the dining room. From there we went to a 1950 house with hideous light fixtures we've had to replace.

  9. What an absolutely beautiful chandelier! He did a really good job of wiring it for you. It's the icing on the cake of such a lovely room.

  10. The quilts look so inviting Charlotte.
    Would I be mistaken if 2 furry felines have made it one of their favourite sleeping spots?
    And your chandelier is charming. The living room is looking so fresh and crisp - and the chandelier - is simply the icing on the cake!

  11. Oh, this is a very special chandelier! Looks perfect in the room! You are a person with an incredible taste!
    All my best from Austria and a happy happy time