Saturday 10 May 2014

Seeds and de-cluttering

There was great excitement on Friday evening with the arrival of my cold frame from Lacewing Greenhouses. It was a very gratefully received present from my thoughtful Mum and Dad as my grow house purchased a few years ago was looking rather the worse for wear after the building work. I was a little bit worried about putting it together as it arrived in a flat pack, but after a couple of minutes spent studying the instructions I was making progress and it was soon out in the garden ready for use over the weekend.

The inside was quickly populated with seed trays of aquilegia, sweet rocket and tobacco plant with pots and pots of sweet peas lining the back. I also planted some cucumber and tomato seeds but I think I am rather too late this year. Due to the building work, I'm also a little bit late with my sweet peas but hopefully that will just mean that I will be able to enjoy the flowers for a bit longer than usual! I've sown seeds of Mrs Collier, Cupani, Hi-Scent, Wiltshire Ripple and Painted Lady.

The garden is a bit bare just now, so I have a feeling that my little cold frame will be jam-packed with various seed trays as I try to fill the spaces with annuals and crops! There are lots of plants in bud just now, with quite a few promising looking buds on the various rose bushes I have around the garden but the only things flowering just now are the geraniums. I need to try to take some more cuttings from these plants, the one above is Geranium phaeum Black Widow but I also have Mrs Kendall Clark and Walkure.

As part of the moving back in process, I've been trying to de-clutter and have listed a couple of items on eBay. They are all listed here if you are interested, it would be lovely if these items ended up in some of your homes!


  1. Your extension looks fab Charlotte! Lovely interior shots too. I live in a 'bijou' cottage and have a real penchant for small homes, your cottage is gorgeous. I have just spied your neat little cold frame ... it's just the right size for my potting up area. Will check out the link - thank you!


  2. Your plants look so pretty and I like that new cold frame! Thanks for sharing

  3. The cold frame looks very pretty sitting then next to the seat, good luck with the seeds.

  4. Your cold frame looks perfect in that corner. And I love that you have a chair to look down your garden. It's looking so pretty.

  5. Hi,your garden looks delightful,you have been busy!The cold frame is lovely in that spot.I have a little round flower picture just like yours how can I find your ebay listings please,I collect flower pictures! Wishing you a sunny weekend.

  6. P.S Sorry I didn't see the HERE I have found it now!