Sunday, 24 November 2013

Away in Amersham

Last weekend, my friend Caroline and I made a grand plan for an Amersham Ramble. For me, this also involved two bus trips over to North-West London and a journey on the Metropolitan Line up to Amersham. I had found the details of the Old Amersham Tube ramble a while ago and it had been on my to-do-list for ages. When Caroline, who lives nearby, mentioned she was partial to a weekend wander I immediately suggested a trip to this Buckinghamshire village.

I had high hopes of Amersham (especially since it is included in my top fantasy villagey places to live that are still close to London!) and I wasn't disappointed. We took the route from Amersham Tube station through Parson's Wood and down past the curiously named "field full of flint" which had us both wondering whether flint was indeed a crop!
There were quite a few people out taking either post or pre-Sunday lunch walks with family and four legged friends in the crisp November air.

We wended our way along lanes lined with old brink and flint walls until we got to the Market Place in Old Amersham. There were lots of fancy shops and really it would have been rude not to pop in to a few on our"ramble". One of the shops we visited was practically dripping in Christmas decorations! It was amazingly laid out and all in a very old, atmospheric shop with several floors. The top floor was laid out like a bedroom with the original little leaded window looking out onto the crooked red tiled rooftops of Amersham with an old sloping floor and slightly wonky ceiling.

We wandered the entirety of Amersham High Street and then about the side streets as well, before a cold wind made us head up the cobbled street to the Seasons Cafe where we wrapped out chilled fingers are steaming hot mugs of warming spicy tea and hot chocolate. The perfect end to our November ramble.


  1. Looks and sounds absolutely perfect
    Thea x

  2. Look amazing - love those thatched roofs. Shopping too - what could be more perfect!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. amersham is a lovely town! I drove through it many times on the way to Berkhampstead, as I lived in slough and my auntie lives in B - so had to go through A to visit auntie! The buildings are so quaint!

  4. This looks perfect, like something out of one of those wonderful BBC series we also get to see in my country (The Netherlands), just beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful looking town.

  6. How I enjoyed this post,the room is delightful,I would buy the mirror!!And what a simply charming cottage,I would love to live there.'bye for now Pam.

  7. I have been working my way backwards on your blog and enjoying every bit of it!!! I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA and love all things vintage, English, gardening, and tea.