Wednesday 12 June 2013


 The sky is grey and it is raining, I have to keep pinching myself to remember that it's actually June and we haven't fast-forwarded to September or October. To distract myself from the fact that the slugs and snails in my garden are probably having a field day with all the muggy wet weather we've been having I've been on Pinterest.

I discovered Pinterest about a year ago and it has quickly proved to be quite addictive. I don't usually go in for the latest Internet fads (I have no Twitter account and my Facebook page is minimal to say the least - I'm also not really sure how it works) so I was quite surprised how quickly I got into this. Its main appeal for me is that it's a great place to store stuff; recipes, ideas for decorating, nice pictures, my garden plant wish list etc. Which means that I no longer have a Bookmark list as long as my arm.

So while the rain pelts down outside I am snug in the dining room pinning away; buoyed by the appearance of buds on my Harlow Carr rose that I bought as a bare root plant earlier this year I'm starting to think that maybe there is space for another climbing rose in the garden, I found this lovely Madame Alfred Carrière rose so onto the Garden Inspiration board it goes.

Earl Grey and Lavender Iced Tea? Definitely one for when it stops raining so it's stored on my rather twee-ly named Busy in the kitchen board. I also have a Garden room board so that I can keep decorating ideas altogether. Painted wooden tongue-and-grove cladding inside and exposed rafters - yes please.

So if you haven't got a Pinterest account yet but need somewhere to store internet recipes, decorating ideas or just like collecting pretty images give it a go!

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