Sunday 24 February 2013


Thank you so much for all the lovely comments in response to my cottage photos! I'm so pleased everyone likes them, I love showing people around our home so I like to think that I have now given you all a personal tour (although you'll have to imagine the tea and cake that I usually give to all my house guests!)
In my haste to share my interior collages with you last weekend, I realised that I left out the images of the kitchen, garden and Holly and Ivy! So here they are; above are a few of the best shots that I have had so far from the garden. Looking at these lush images and looking out at the rather desolate garden I have just now it's hard to believe that it will (hopefully!) but like this again in three or four months!

The kitchen is another difficult place to photograph as it is long and narrow - what I wouldn't give for a kitchen big enough to have a table in! I think if I ever have the chance to design a kitchen from scratch I would definitely go for free standing; with a lovely old dresser, meat safe, sideboard, old wall cupboards and some open shelves. It would be lovely!

And finally Holly and Ivy; for me the cottage really wouldn't be the same without them. They love to be involved in whatever I'm doing and they bring me much amusement with their crazy antics in the garden and round the cottage! They definitely make our house a home.


  1. Ah, another bunch of beautiful pictures! And the pictures of your lovely cats! Your blog is one of my favourites (if not the most favourite), thank you so much for sharing. You achieved amasing results in decorating your cottage!

  2. I thought I had commented on your last post, and realize now that I didn't. Although I have followed your blog for a while, I have never commented. I love the photos! Please keep them coming. I enjoy seeing home interiors, especially cottages, and the gardens. Yours is especially lovely. Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  3. Lovely pictures again; very definitely a cosy home! I love housey posts from bloggers, hope that doesn't make me sound too nosey. Tasty looking pie too!

  4. Hi,what a treat to see your photo's the rose is very pretty and I love the look of your kitchen,so fresh!'bye for now Pam.

  5. Your kitchen and garden are as lovely as the rest of your beautiful cottage. I really like how you capture Holly and Ivy in such adorable poses. All the very best Charlotte and thanks for showing us all more gorgeous photos of your home.

  6. Your photos look as if they came straight from the pages of Country Living! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Charlotte I can't wait for the garden to spring into life, so I can potter around. Your pictures of your home are lovely. Holly and Ivy are so cute.

  8. So much colour, and as someone has already mentioned, your fab pictures could be from the pages of Country Living.

    I LOVE your kitchen. I'd be very happy to have a kitchen as good as that.

    Beautiful cats, too.

  9. Hi Charlotte,

    You really do have such a charming cottage, and you've done a lovely job of decorating it!!! I enjoyed your previous post, and I'm glad to see more pictures today. Your kitchen is just darling -- the quintessential English kitchen. I love the bright blue tiles!

    I left a comment on your previous post; I've been following you blog for about a year now. We live in North Carolina in the southeastern region of the U.S. We visited England in 1999 when my husband was there on business. I only got to stay for a week, but I really loved my visit. I fell in love with the English country style of decorating while we were there.

    The garden pics are so pretty; I remember your garden from last summer. Holly and Ivy and adorable. :) Are they siblings?

    Have a great week!


    1. Hi Denise,
      Thank you for your kind comments - I'm so glad you like it.
      Holly and Ivy are from different litters but they get on very well together, we got them when they were both little so they have grown up as sisters :)

  10. Lovely! I agree with you too, would love a free stnding kitchen with a table in it. But your cottage is so pretty and you have made the most of it. Those cats are gorgeous! How cute were they when kittens? Minerva ~

  11. Lovely photos! Your cottage looks so pretty and cosy.......


  12. Lovely photos of your beautiful cottage kitchen and such cute four footed friends...Sharon

  13. Love your delightful pictures...we are looking forward to "Spring", beautiful plantings!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    :) Carolyn

  14. Wow, I've got an old victorian that has been updated, but I never thought of going cottagy until I saw your do inspire! I am more of a gardener....but you are tempting me to think about it! i have always liked the beachy, cape cod perhaps I should think about it....if only just a room :) My kitchen is lavender from the previous owners, so perhaps I can plan ahead! LOL.

  15. Your cottage looks gorgeous, Charlotte.
    Would you mind emailing me or have a look at
    I have a suggestion that might interest you - thanks!

  16. Beautiful photographs Charlotte, the garden looks lovely x Kate, Rosehip x

  17. So pretty and Holly and Ivy look like grand fun !