Tuesday 6 December 2011

Feeling festive

Last weekend we went to the Vintage and Handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury. It was a lovely day, crisp but sunny and it all felt very festive. I managed to pick up a few goodies; some vintage style baubles from Caroline Zoob, and a mercury silver candlestick from Jo at Hesta Nesta.

The fair had really got me into the festive mood so I decided to get the Christmas decs down from the attic a little bit early this year.
It's lovely to bring down dusty boxes from the top of the house and discover decorations I had forgotten about!
I always buy some baubles every year, I tend to buy mainly glass or fabric ones as I think they last longer - but we'll see if we have any decoration casualties this year with Holly and Ivy (who so far are not the least bit interested in the tree, much to my surprise!)

I'm quite restrained with baubles, I do have a few rather large ones festooned with glitter and sequins, but for the most part my taste is quite subtle.
Looking at the above photos I'm quite surprised that I haven't gone for the traditional red and green at all but mainly gold and silver with a few pastel shades of colour.
Does anyone else stick to a theme with the festive decorations?


  1. Great pretty buys and I love your style baubles :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Love the new baubles, infact all your baubles are gorgeous x x x x

  3. Hi Charlotte
    I am so sorry that I missed you on Saturday, my hubby was holding the fort while I went off for a spend and a natter....can't believe I missed you!! Glad you like the candle stick and I love the baubles in the glass jar.
    Jo xx

  4. Lovely!
    We have either silver/white or red/gold. I have some tiny baubles and glass icicles, which we found in the attic here when we moved in. The previous family owned this house for 55 years, so I thought it was nice to keep the decorations in use.

  5. Your baubles are lovely ,very tasteful.
    This year I'm going to have red,white and gold on the tree.I'm not a fan of purple or...black?!,at Xmas,as seen in the garden centre today,I'm old fashioned I guess! :0)

  6. What great decorations! I much prefer glass ones too. When our last puss was small I had to arm myself with an old fashioned water pistol to stop him clambering up the tree! After about a week he got the message, and was a purrfectly behaved puss after that. You're very lucky that Holly & Ivy aren't clambering up too ;o)

  7. Gorgeous decorations, I am a big fan of the glass baubles and the vintage ornaments. I love a simple unfussy look for Christmas and at the moment that is all we are gunna have as I am in the midst of moving house!! x Rachel

  8. You have some very pretty and unusual ornaments. I love the little slipper. All of them, really, are charming and I've not seen any like these here. Gold and silver are always my favorite choices...

  9. ¡Hola Charlotte!
    Mi nombre es Yayi, y he pasado a visitarte.
    Tienes un blog muy bonito, con trabajos preciosos. Te felicito.
    Te invito a mi blog, si te apetece.
    Saludos desde Tenerife (Islas Canarias).

  10. Beautiful Christmas decorations! What a beautiful place you have here. I will follow on my way out so I know my path back to your door. I am sure I will spend a lot of time looking around. I hope you will find the time to come by my place for a visit and follow if you will. Take care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  11. Beautiful christmas decorations you have, I love the fabric shoe!! I try to keep to a theme like you they are mostly glass, silver ones and I love to put candles on the tree (shame I can't light them!!!)
    have a fun week.

  12. Lovely decorations Charlotte and the candlestick too.
    I have a similar fabric shoe which I bought years ago.....I presume it was from Tobias and the Angel?
    Enjoy your build up to Christmas in your lovely cottage.
    Julie x