Tuesday 6 September 2011


Last weekend I went for a walk along to Totteridge Village, I followed the gravel path along to as small area of parkland...
Past some lovely little cottages...
And into the nature reserve...
Ah ha! This is what I have been looking for - rosehips!
I need quite a few, and I manage to fill half a carrier bag full of these autumnal goodies, though not without a few scratches first - ouch, I forgot about the thorns!

Once washed they are ready to make...Rosehip Syrup!


  1. Ooh lovely. I've never made that, but maybe I should give it a try.

  2. I believe you can make itching powder from the seeds but I haven't done that, or, made syrup.
    I'm sure it will keep you healthy through the winter.

  3. I used to have rosehip syrup as a child and had forgotten all about it till now...thanks for the memory jolt.
    Julie x

  4. That looks just gorgeous, I have never made this but your picture gives me the urge to go pick.

  5. First time reading your blog. Rosehip syrup, so good for you. Lovely to read about Totteridge, I grew up not too far from there.

  6. I remember having rose hip syrup from the clinic when I was a child - I used to love the taste:)

  7. Hi Charlotte, Thank you for your comment. Wasn't it just dreadful at Ardingly. Those gusts of wind were downright frightening. Maybe see you at the next one? Lizzie x