Thursday 17 March 2011

Plates and posies

Thank you to everyone who commented on my plate problem! As you can see it's still ongoing! I went down to Camden Passage and picked up the one above a few weekends ago and decided that it looked much better above the fireplace than the other two. So now I'm on the hunt for other plates that will go with this one as I agree with you all that the chimney breast does look rather bare - watch this space!
I have visited Tobias and the Angel which has been featured in Country Living, Homes & Antiques and on Kirstie's Homemade Home. It's a great shop to have a wander in as it's set up like some one's home in fact Angel, the lady who owns it does in fact live there (her flat is directly above) and if you wander too enthusiastically you may accidentally find yourself in her kitchen! It is rather a pricey place but if you look carefully you can find a few reasonably priced things - though you can usually count out the textiles (which are gorgeous!)
I picked up this pair of little Victorian glass mugs with forget-me-not flowers on them. I love how the gilding has been worn away over time with the hands that have run over it, as the glass is hand blown it's very tactile.
And this lovely botanical drawing in it's original bird's eye maple frame.

We've got round to getting our shelf on the wall above the daybed in the second bedroom.
I think it looks rather good, although it does leave me with a dilemma - what to hang from the hooks? I've been banned from hanging any more lavender hearts as my husband has nightmares of them taking over the cottage! So far I've come up with pretty china teacups or glass baubles, any other suggestions?
Finally, my garden is starting to wake up for spring! This is a Rip Van Winkle daffodil slowly unfurling.
More daffodils to come and a pretty primula to brighten up the border (which is still a work in progress!)
Lovely forget-me-nots which I hope are going to self-sow and become a most welcome weed!
And finally, one of the delights of gardening, a surprise on the garden path - I didn't plant this and have no idea what it is but it is very welcome all the same! Happy Spring!


  1. Lovely finds Charlotte, I do love the plate. A lovely laundry or shoe bag in Cabbages and Roses or vintage fabrics would look great hanging from the hubby also has nightmares about lavender hearts as every door handle etc... in our cottage has one already...nothing is safe from them!! Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  2. I love your little house and the plate is so pretty. I lived in Finchley Central for the longest time and then moved to Lincolnshire and then on to Houston, TX. The UK beckons with it's beautiful old historical houses. Not to mention lunch at the Orange Tree with the girls...

  3. Tobias and the Angel is indeed an inspirational shop.....your forget-me-not mugs are beautiful.
    Like Jo, a laundry bag in C and R would be lovely, or a white enamel jug, maybe a vintage straw hat?
    Still think a lavender heart could be sneaked in somewhere....x
    Julie x

  4. Hey Charlotte, How about hanging old hats on hooks or vintage handbags? I absolutly love plates... Johnson Brothers are my favorite. Your home is looking so lovely - keep up the good work.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day,

  5. Hi Tobias and the Angel is such a lovely shop with so many inspirational ideas. As for what to hang from the hooks how about pretty bags, jewellery, vintage dress, you perhaps could sneak the a small heart in somewhere. Have a lovely sunday.

  6. What lovely treasures you have found. I would love to visit Tobias and the Angel. What about a twiggy heart to hang from the hooks? Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love Linda x.

  7. theres an award for you at my blog

  8. the plate is my very favorite shade of pink. The nice thing about hooks is you can vary and experiment with your collection so easily

  9. Very nice plate. I visit London on Friday and I will enjoy the spring in UK.

  10. Greetings from an ex-Brit, now in USA.
    Bunches of dried flowers would be awesome - both to the eye and nose. Maybe an old shawl or collection of vintage tea-towels?

  11. Hi!
    I love your daybed - looks so deliciously comfy.
    The shelf looks great there - what about hanging individual letters spelling 'welcome' or such like.
    Love, Louise

  12. Have just found your lovely blog - your home looks lovely and countryish and you have a knack at finding lovely things for it!
    The little pretty blue flower is a scilla - i too had loads a week or so ago, they are just going now but were a lovely surprsie to me as they suddenly starting sprouting up through the gravel on the drive - i didnt know what they were either, but a kindly blogging friend identified it!