Thursday 23 September 2010

Singer love!

This is my Singer, well actually my Granny's but she was very kind and gave it to me when we bought our cottage. So as well as being a really beautiful sewing machine, it's also a bit of an heirloom!
In the 50s my Granny used to make all her dresses herself, and later made lovely dresses for my sister and I - not to mention dozens of curtains and cushions on this machine and I hope to live up to it's expectations!
I live quite far away from my Granny and only get to see her a few times a year, so every time I use my Singer I feel a little bit closer to her - almost like she's there giving me her expert guidance!!

So with the help of my Singer friend I have dug out my quilt project that had been on hold, and have got stuck in. Unfortunately our digital camera is on it's way out and has bleached this photo rather badly! But as you can see it's growing!!


  1. I have a sewing machine of similar vintage. Got mine at a car boot sale & love it. Lizzie x

  2. I love the old sewing machines, they definitely are the best, my Mum in Law has had hers' for years. I love your quilt you are making, lovely choice of fabrics.
    Jo xx

  3. You just can't beat an old sewing machine.. my mum has had her Singer machine for 38 years and it only recently stopped working. It's an absolute workhorse! She was told that the newer version (as good as hers, would be nearly £600) so she decided to pay for repairs rather than replace it! Somehow I don't think the little machine I have in my home will last quite as long as 38 years! Loving your cottage.. it's so sweet. x