Sunday 9 March 2014

The difference a week makes!

The build seemed to whizz away this week, with the walls quickly going up and the windows going in. It finally is starting to look like a garden room! It's been really exciting coming home to see the progress each evening.

The walls are almost complete here, and my project manager Ivy is keen to give me a quick tour and update on what has been happening while I've been at work!

I'm so pleased with the cottage windows we chose. They were one of the most expensive items, but I really think they were worth the money. It was such a relief to see this on Friday evening, as I'd been quite worried that the garden room wasn't look right. But, although we are still quite a way from the finished project, it's starting to look quite promising! In the coming week we're hoping to get the wooden roof structure built and get the reclaimed roof slates up.


  1. This looks wonderful! Looking forward to every post.

  2. Wonderful progress!!!!!!!!!

    Gentle hugs,
    (Upper NYS of US)

  3. It's looking brilliant, I'm excited for you!

  4. It is looking wonderful Charlotte. The window is gorgeous.

  5. What good progress,love the windows is it just that side or will there be more?Looking forward to more updates!Kind regards Pam.

  6. A good progress, the cottage window looks great, you will get a lovely extra room. Do you know, the crazy pavement path is very beautiful too.