Friday 20 June 2014

2nd Bedroom

My paint brush got a quick reprieve a week ago when we decided that the second bedroom was definitely in need of a re-paint. After we had moved the desk and bed from there down into the garden room the second bedroom looked decidedly scruffy. There were white marks from paint being chipped off where the desk met the wall as well as some scuffing. Plus, there were a few areas where the paint had bubbled and blistered away from the walls. This room had originally been painted Teresa's Green by Farrow and Ball and we still had most of the pot left in the shed. But after reading around on the Internet I decided to go for a Little Greene paint colour instead. After all, the high traffic rooms downstairs which had been painted with LG paints were in much better shape even after the builders had traipsed through compared to our sparsely used second bedroom painted in F&B.

Although Teresa's Green is a lovely shade, it can be rather dark in a small north facing room like our second bedroom. So I decided to go for a lighter colour and painted up sample swatches of Pearl Colour Pale, Gauze, Hollyhock and Starling's Egg all by Little Greene.
Starling's Egg (which we already have in our main bedroom) won out overall, despite being very tempted by Gauze - such a pretty powdery blue colour. But I really love Starling's Egg which I find light and calming without being cold and I have to admit I also like the name. What could be prettier than a Starling's egg?

Before with Teresa's Green
After with Starling's Egg (and some tidying to do!)

After arming myself with a paint roller, dust sheets and a selection of brushes I set to work. This was the first room I had ever painted and it was quite a bit harder than I had originally thought! After preparing the walls and cutting in I then found myself applying 3 coats of paint to the walls to totally cover the old colour as it was so much darker than the new shade. But I managed to complete the work over a weekend although I had aching arms and a few angry blisters on my hands the next day! I'm quite pleased that I managed to do this by myself and each time I walk into the room I can't help smiling smugly and thinking, "I painted this!"


  1. The colour looks lovely Charlotte. I agree with you about Little Greene, it beats Farrow & Ball for coverage, colour match, wearability and price. I wouldn't use anything else now - just painted the kitchen in Rolling Fog Pale because I loved the name! Garden room looks lovely too, hope your garden is getting back to normal again x

  2. Very nice...much brighter! And that color is very soothing.

  3. I have heard this about Little Greene paint, that it is much easier to use than F&B - someone quoted as saying that it goes on like velvet and looks like silk. What better compliment for a paint product than that? Oh, Stephanie, Rolling Fog Pale sounds wonderful! As good as Mouse's Back and Elephant's Breath for F&B! The bedroom looks lovely and fresh now, Charlotte.
    Margaret P

  4. You can be proud of yourself, it looks really beautiful.

  5. That colour is lovely and calming Charlotte. Well done to paint the bedroom yourself! Charlotte, have you thought about using Instagram? I started a few months ago and have found many bloggers using IG. It would be wonderful if you did as your cottage and photographs are absolutely beautiful. Ann

    1. Hi Ann,
      Yes, I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I actually started using Instagram a while ago but haven't had a chance to upload it to the blog yet. You can find my IG profile here:

    2. Your IG profile is wonderful Charlotte, I am now following you (a lovely day at home), I have my settings private, so please, if you wish, send me. 'Follow Request. Ann

  6. Hi,what a very lovely colour,are you going to paint the headboard?In the previous post I loved seeing your pretty garden and Alice Hindley was favoured by the late Geoff Hamilton.Best regards Pam.

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