Friday 13 December 2013


No, not for Christmas - this weekend will be dedicated to decking the halls. But since we had the planning application for our garden room approved there have been quite a few things to take care of. When we initially thought about the garden room it was just going to be an office with electricity and internet connections. Then we met up with some friends (one of whom is an architect) and he suggested adding a small WC/shower room so that we could also use it as an occasional guest room.

The only problem is that the space for the garden room is at the bottom of the garden, so how do we get the plumbing down there? It looks like the best option is Saniflow, but those pipes need to be buried. So that means digging up half of the garden - which is what I have been doing. I have been frantically lifting my plants from the soil and potting them up before we get some hard frosts and their green leaves disappear until next Spring.

It was quite painful to do as I've worked quite a lot on the garden and literally dread to think how much I have spent over the years on all those plants! The good thing is that it was a good opportunity to take stock of what I have in the garden and I also did a little dividing as well so now I have a few more free plants too!

We won't start the work until the coming January so now that garden lies dormant looking a bit dug about. Meanwhile, I have already procured a nice stable door from eBay as well as some reclaimed slates for the roof. I have a couple more doors to buy and then the windows to look into - wood vs. wood effect composite. So far I'm in favour of wood as the composite is so expensive, but then wood is a bit more high maintenance.
I'll be glad to have a little time off doors and windows during the Christmas break!


  1. Sounds exciting. That first photo is just beautiful!

  2. An exciting project and the start is there, with digging up all those plants. We are looking forward to your new garden room/guest room.

  3. Just imagine it all finished in the Summer and your garden in full bloom.... You will want to sleep there yourself!
    Julie x

  4. Ooh I can't wait to see the finished result, its going to be lovely...Merry Christmas and thanks for the inspirational blog...x