Friday 20 December 2013

Deck the Halls

My sister-in-law, Samina, is an excellent festive co-decorator. She does not ridicule my frivolity as I produce yet more baubles and fripperies, nor lose patience while I faff around with bits and bobs. I know that I am safe to fiddle around with lengths of ivy and ribbon and that she will patiently tell me whether it needs to go "a bit to the right" or "a little to the left".

Last Sunday we set to unleashing Christmas in the cottage, having already roped my husband in to getting the tree and decorations down from the loft earlier on in the day we were able to plough straight. Approaching it like seasoned pros we got the be-decking down to a fine art with the tree up and lights incredibly well distributed (even if I say so myself) in about an hour.

I haven't bought many new baubles this year, but I have got a second wreath which I procured after I saw a photo of one suspended in front of a mirror in last January's Homes & Antiques magazine. I bought the same wreath and a length of vintage oyster satin ribbon from Etsy. When I received it I couldn't believe the weight and thickness of the ribbon, much better quality than ribbon manufactured today. Perhaps the oyster shade is maybe too similar to the window frame, next year I will have to try some different colours!

We will be up in Scotland for part of the festive period, spending some time with my family in my Mum and Dad's lovely Scottish farmhouse and enjoying crisp frosty walks and crackling wood fires! Wherever you are spending Christmas I wish that all your celebrations are merry and bright!


  1. Your cottage looks lovely Charlotte, hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Scotland, love Christine xx

  2. Oh i do like your new wreath. I think the satin ribbon is the perfect color. I would love to know the etsy shop you bought it from. It is difficult to find such quality. Your Christmas sounds beautiful...winter walks are my favorite followed by hot tea!

    1. Hi Kerrie,
      Thanks, I was a bit worried the ribbon was too samey! I got it from Betulla on Etsy:

  3. Your cottage is so lovely decorated. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a great time in Scotland!

  4. Hello love the wreath and I think the oyster coloured ribbon is very classy don't change it!

  5. Your home looks very festive and I like the colour of the ribbon on your wreath.

  6. Je découvre votre blog avec grand plaisir !
    Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année.

  7. Lovely cottage. My little cottage is in the high dessert of New Mexico,USA.

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas and New year
    Jo xx

  9. Enjoy your faffing and fiddling and of course your celebrations in journey Charlotte.
    Julie x

  10. Your Christmas tree and home are really beautiful- I love your style.I think I am your newest fan and follower!
    Hope you had a lovely time up here in Scotland with your folks- Happy Christmas x

  11. Merry Boxing Day,I love your elegant decorations and the ribbon is so lovely on the wreath,thankyou for allowing us a peep into your lovely home.Kind Regards Pam.

  12. I love your Mistletoe wreath ! Have been enjoying your blog for a while now.....thank you, Hope you are are enjoying gentle seasonal days....