Sunday 13 January 2013

Vintage Chic

The coming cold snap has made me think of warm cosy things; and few things to me are more warming and cosy than snuggling down in a favourite armchair with a steaming cup of tea and a lovely book to flick through. For Christmas my sister bought me a copy of Vintage Chic by Christina Strutt the creator of the sublime Cabbages and Roses. Before I buy a book I always like to have a sneak peak before I part with my pennies so I thought I would write a bit about it and share a few of my favourite images from its pages for those who have seen the book but were still on the fence as to whether to buy or not!

 The book has a nice introduction by Christina Strutt and is peppered throughout with little tips and advice on how to achieve the vintage look, I also really like that she promotes vintage living as an antidote to the current economic downturn.
I love the pretty pastel colours in the above dining scene, the lovely spriggy little flower arrangements in small glass jars are so summery and informal and just shows that you don't need to splash out on fancy table arrangements! Plus the candlesticks are gorgeous!

 I would love to have a big country dresser in my kitchen, but I really like how this photo shows that a similar effect can be achieved with simple shelving above a kitchen worktop. I am coveting most of the china in this picture but I feel like this photo looks a lot less "staged" than some images in interior books as there are practical items included in the shot too!

 In another photo of the same kitchen, it shows a busy (some would say cluttered) worksurface and an obviously well loved Aga (I really want that C&R Aga towel!) The "realness" of these photos definitely appeal to me. I do find some interior books and magazine photos much too contrived and set up in a way that no one is really able to live with, it's so refreshing to see some images that seem like they might not have needed much "setting up" at all!

 This living room looks so warm and cosy, a perfect place to curl up with a book! I am definitely coveting the C cushion! Also, I wouldn't have thought about using an old quilt as a soft throw - an idea that I may have a go with in the cottage!

 In contrast to some of the busier images, these photos are so light and pretty. I love the delphiniums and the white and blue linen covered chair. It really reminds me of those hazy summer days when you can fling open the windows and let gentle summer breezes meander through the house.

I'm not a huge fan of red, but I find the colour combination of pale sly blue and red in this image quite appealing.I love the cast iron bedstead and how the look is keep light by the white bedlinen and pale wall colour.

Overall, I really like this book and I know that it is one I will enjoy dipping in and out of in the future as well and reading cover to cover!


  1. Ooh I love this book! In fact I'm jst going to find it ... You've inspired me, thank you!

    Claire xxx

  2. This book is also my favourite Cabbages & Roses book. I also love the 'realnese' of their pictures and the kitchen photos are my inspiration.

  3. Oooooh thanks for sharing, it looks lovely......I am going to pop over to Amazon now....I might just treat myself to that book!!!

  4. Lovely images, thanks for sharing, it's always difficult to choose a book on the cover and reviews alone!

  5. Hi,how thoughtful to share the book with us,it does seem full of the gorgeousness!! that I crave!If anyone wants to buy it PLEASE go to your local bookshop if you can or we WILL loose more of our shops on the high street!!Happy vintaging to all.Kind Regards Pam.

  6. That kitchen is really delightful. Wish it were mine!

  7. Even though I've not gone overboard on the current vogue for vintage, for it is a vogue just as much as minimalism was a decade or more ago, this looks less about vintage and more about being imaginative - those table lamps aren't vintage, I'm sure, and you can buy fabrics now which are brand new but look nicely faded. I think it's a very feminine fashion for the home, roses and prettyness reigning supreme. I wonder what all the spouses and partners feel about living in a perpetual bower? I wonder what we women would have to say if our menfolk were in charge of decorating in lad-style with motor bikes, fishing, football, cars, etc, on every fabric, wallpaper and surface?
    Having said that, and sticking up for the chaps for one, this looks a very pretty book. My own favourite style is English country house, which is once removed from vintage chic, but is just as much contrived - it was first created by Nancy Lancaster and John Fowler but I don't think it's been improved upon.