Friday 18 January 2013


This morning I woke up to a fine powdery snow falling from a sky the colour of pewter. The snowflakes looked so delicate and inconsequential that I could not believe the progress they made. Instead of dissolving as soon as they hit the ground, they soon clustered together to form a white carpet over everything they touched. My garden became a winter wonderland, blanketed with a covering of pure white snow making everything look so light and ethereal. I'm glad that it has hidden all the bare soil for a while!

This year's Sarah Raven catalogue arrived last week so I have been busy making plans, although I do admit that I feel rather overwhelmed when I see all the brown earth. It feels like I am starting from scratch all over again! I think I said something similar around the same time last year, I am a very impatient gardener! Poor Holly is also impatient, she wants the snow to melt so that she can go out and play again!


  1. You write beautifully ......... love your blog . Have a wonderful day !

  2. Your first sentence sums up exactly what I saw too, but could never describe as wonderfully as you :o)
    Stay safe and warm.
    Rose H

  3. Beautiful snow photos, is that Ivy looking out the window?

    1. Hi Dorothy,

      No, it's Holly - Ivy is grey with white markings.


  4. Nice photographs, especially the one of the cat looking out the window! ;)

  5. Beautiful photos, I especially like the photo of Holly looking out of the window. Your home looks so cosy and the snow amazing.

  6. My garden is a wreck at the moment as I didn't get any work done in the autumn, under the snow it looks great though:) It's surprising how that fine powdery snow mounts up isn't it?

  7. Hi, love the colour of your back door!Snow is melting here, hurrah!!Keep warm and cosy,Pam.

  8. Shadow and Milo, my two cats, are waiting for the snow to melt as well (it snowed on Brittany too) as they begin to be fed up with sleeping all day! Your pictures are beautiful.

  9. I'm in the same position as Rowan, but without the benefit of snow to cover it all up! But it's a challenge to make any garden look fantastic at this time of year. Fear not, it will all return. And I for one cannot wait.