Sunday 20 May 2012


A flurry of activity marked the beginning of this weekend as we decided to hold a last minute dinner party; salmon en croute and light and dark chocolate cheesecake was the evening's fare and I'm pleased to say that it all turned out very well. Our guests brought some lovely gifts of tea and a pretty lily of the valley posy; their delicate scent reminds me that I must grow lots and lots of these in our garden so that I can fill little jugs and pots with pretty bouquets.
In the spare time I had between sifting, stirring and putting things in the oven I made a little rosemary wreath for the kitchen window. All it required was a length of garden wire shaped into a small circle, some garden twine and a length of white cotton tape for the bow and hanging loop. I'm pleased with how it turned out and even my husband commented on it later. I think I will make them as gifts for when we are invited over to other people's houses, they are pretty as well as useful and I could make ones with lavender or a mixture of herbs and flowers.

 While I was out in the garden snipping sprigs of rosemary I also planted out a few of the sturdier-looking lupin and cosmos seedlings and took a few photos. Time seems to flow by so quickly that I feel I need to keep a photographic diary of the garden so that when all is over and the frost lies thick on the ground I can look back and see the abundance of spring and summer which I am sure will feel very far away in the depth of winter!
I'm surprised by the changes that even a day can make in the garden with plants that were in bud yesterday in bloom today, but I am still impatient to see more. I find myself looking at various parts of the garden; wishing that the salvia plants would hurry up and grow to cover the bare soil, or that my "mystery" plants would bloom so that I can find out whether they are weeds or something I planted but forgot about!
Cooking for dinner parties and other small tasks always have an end in sight whereas the same cannot be said for gardens; they are transient and ever changing and are not hurried along by an impatient gardener!


  1. The rosemary wreath is a brilliant idea, simple but looks very pretty. I would love it if someone brought me one as a present!

  2. Charlotte, your garden is looking just lovely and the sound of your dinner sounds delicious. What a wonderful idea the rosemary wreath is. Have a good week.

  3. everything looks beautiful and I love the wreath. I have many mystery plants myself, and it's always fun to see what they are!

  4. It all looks lovely, you're invited to dinner at my home anytime if you bring a rosemary wreath! ;)

  5. I LOVE your rosemary wreaths! If that's what you bring with you, you're welcome at my house for dinner any time! Your garden looks delightful as ever. I adore the woven obelisk (is that what it's called?) I've been looking for some solid but attractive ones - where did you get yours from if you don't mind me asking?
    Paula x

    1. Hi Paula,

      Well I call it an obelisk, although I've heard them called tee-pees as too! I got mine from a garden centre, but it's not the best quality. My next one is coming from the farmers market!


  6. I love your rosemary wreath, might just have to copy that one, nice present to a host at a dinner party. You are right about the garden you just wish everything would grow quicker and it is even more annoying when the seeds you sow just don't come up. Have a lovely week, looks like summer might just have arrived.

  7. Love the rosemary wreath, think I might just have to pop into the garden and make one! Have a lovely week, Claire xx

  8. If you're looking for a flower which covers quickly, I popped in some Evening Primrose a year back and this year my garden is a mass of delicate pink flowers. There's definitely no soil on show! Lx

  9. Hi Charlotte,

    I have been following your progress over the last year, and I have been fascinated. I write interiors features for national magazines and i would like to write about you and your lovely home. I am sure I could get it published. I d be thrilled if you could call me to chat through? You have done a wonderful job. Really wonderful.
    Find me on FB

  10. I'm glad its not just me who is an impatient gardener! We went away for a week and came back and saw how much things can grow this time of year though... Lovely post! :) x

  11. Gorgeous rosemary wreath. I'm also getting impatient waiting for my roses to bloom - there are so many buds on them, I wish they'd just bloom!

  12. I hear you Charlotte! - I am totally impatient in the garden and always have been.

    Love your superb rosemary wreath idea, we have a large rosemary in the garden so I may just give it a go.

    Your pretty garden is filling out wonderfully.