Sunday 13 May 2012

Decorative Living

The first few days of this week had dragged by, the hours themselves seemed to drag their feet and the minute hand grudgingly ticked off the time. But finally Thursday arrived! It was the day of the Decorative Living fair and I was convinced that although the day was decidedly mizzlish it would hopefully clear and become a glorious May day. And indeed the weather did change later on in the day from mizzle to... heavier rain! But it was a lovely day anyway and a great fair with a nice range of stalls. I found an amazing stall that did vintage gardening tools - they were beautiful and I could not resist picking up some of the wonderfully aged essentials for my potting shed.

There was also a great little display of succulents all potted up in Victorian pots and topped off with chipped slate. I'm not usually a fan of succulents but although some varieties were a bit too "Day of the Triffids" for my liking I could not resist one of the little rosette shaped plants nestled in a tiny Victorian pot (I think it is an Echeveria). It sits happily on our sitting room window sill and I am wishing I had bought a few more now!

I also bought some of these ceramic platters/chopping boards from Caroline Zoob, perfect for serving quiches, tarts and flapjacks! Her stall displayed a tempting array of wares and it was very difficult to resist spending more!

The rest of the day was spent having tea in Tunbridge Wells, and as the rain really started coming down we took refuge in a teashop in the Pantiles and succeeded in having a very nice time despite the British weather!


  1. Love Echiveria's. Yours will soon have babies around the edge which you can pot up to have your row of them on your window ledge. Just need to get some of the Victoria clay pots! Love your Blog. Used to live in Mill Hill.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Yours was one a first blogs I read, and you never disappoint, always lovely images and writing. Enjoy rest of the weekend, Claire xxx

  3. Not that I want to make you jealous... But here in Brittany, we've had our first sunny days after weeks of "Briton weather" (which is exactly like British weather)... I'm trying to send a few rays of sunshine in Britain! Mind you, it still was an occasion for a cup of tea... in the garden!

  4. Ha ha I was there too and had a chat with the 'succulent' lady and took some photos of her fantastic plants.
    I also planned to buy a set of the ceramic platters from CZ stall but they had all gone but I did get a set of the measuring spoons and some cotton tape.
    It was a shame about the weather but I still managed to enjoy myself.

  5. Just found you via another blog (living on the edge I think!) and love the look of your cottage, but specially love your cats... so cute! I love old gardening tools too, love to think of the hands that have used them in the past.

  6. Oooh - some lovely things! The Caroline Zoob boards look fantastic - very chic - will have to try to find those on-line (although I'm also slightly distracted by the yummy looking flapjacks, so perhaps I shall have to hunt those down too...!) LOVE your vintage gardening tools - I have a soft spot for them and I'm ashamed to say that I even 'style' my potting shed with old tools that I don't end up using!

    Paula x

    1. Hi Paula,

      I believe Caroline is selling them on-line via her website. I can understand the temptation to keep old tools for display only, I was a bit hesitant about using mine at first. But the trowel cut through the earth like butter and the cultivator pulled out all the weeds effortlessly. Never thought I'd say this about garden tools but they were a joy to use!

  7. Snap I was there too, the stalls were lovely, I especially like Love Lane Vintage, such pretty things. We drove to The Bell in Ticehurst when the rain started, it certainly didn't let up, such a shame as I can imagine it would have been lovely if they could have set up the tables and chairs outside for refreshments and people would have stayed longer.

  8. what a lovely blog!!!
    I'm very glad to visit your blog
    It's my first time
    I live in Whetstone...^^

  9. Lovely to see you at "soggy Eridge park".. but what a fab fair it was.. despite the weather. Our next one in Avington on Thursday.. all being well.. in the sun! xx