Friday 6 January 2012

A New Year

My New Year was welcomed in with walks through woods, catching glances of the sea between wind blown branches.

Past twisted trees upholstered in jackets of moss...

And labyrinths of brambles...

Watching happy dogs play in the surf...

Shall we go for a row?

And spending time with the people who mean the most to me.


  1. Happy New Year. I enjoyed following you this past year and look forward to sharing a corner of your life in the year ahead! Lx

  2. Happy New Year to you Charlotte, what beautiful photos looks like an ideal way to start the new year.

  3. I love woodland walks, hand in hand with my husband. The sound of twigs and leaves crunching underfoot is too wonderful for words to adequately describe.

  4. Happy New Year and very happy to have stumbled on your blog!
    I was impressed by your first try at Cottage bread recipe and the crostata photo was heavenly!
    All the best and looking forward to discover more of 'you'.