Friday 19 December 2014

À bientôt Paris!

I've been back from Paris for a few days and it still seems strange being in the UK again. I feel like I'm stuck in this strange limbo with the afterglow of our festive Paris visit behind me and a slightly overwhelming Christmas rushing forward.

The French do Christmas impeccably, both my husband and I remarked that there does not seem to be as much advertising as back in the UK and it doesn't feel so "thrust upon you" over there. But maybe that is because we didn't watch any TV while we were in Paris and therefore avoided the worst advertising offender? I love how very clever the Parisians are with presentation, all of their shop windows were so beautifully set out and many of the shops were decked with fir garlands and lights. So tasteful and elegant!

I feel like we have eaten more than our fair share of patisseries and hot chocolate while we were there so it is nice to get back to having some healthier food - especially since the gourmand splurge of Christmas is literally days away! But we will miss our local pastry shop - Stohrer Patisserie. It had a beautiful interior as well as having a stunning array of sweet and savoury morsels to tempt every palate!

 We visited so many wonderful museums, for me one of the highlights was visiting Musee Cluny and seeing the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries which were stunning. When we visited there was also a small concert being held in one of the rooms featuring Ensemble Diagolos who played such wonderfully rich and beautiful medieval sounding music adding to the atmosphere and making our visit feel very special.

The Jacquemart-Andre musee was also lovely to wander around and while we were there had a special exhibition on Renaissance art which was stunning to behold. I loved the tea room which seems to be permanently fragranced by the perfumed teas that can be ordered there.

Now I need to catch up with the rest of my Christmas cards and decorating!


  1. A beautiful post Charlotte. I've been thinking about spending Christmas in Paris for quite some time now....maybe next year! I agree, here it's rather in-your-face, whereas Paris is slightly pulled back and more conservative about the festivities. Enjoy the lead up to Christmas day. Sharon x

  2. Lovely Parisian post,especially liked the last photo,Joyeux noel Charlotte.Kind Regards Pam.

  3. Sounds heavenly. A wonderful way to enter the holidays. I actually stopped watching tv two yrs ago. How peaceful life is without commercials!

  4. Those photos are really lovely. Thanks for sharing your trip to Paris and wishing you the joys of this season in England!