Monday 15 September 2014

Changing seasons

I noticed it yesterday, while brushing my teeth and looking out of the bathroom window. The tips of the leaves on the old lime tree at the bottom of our garden had a distinct toffee tinge. The blueberry bush is already flushed with crimson and the nights have started to draw in. I can feel my body clock slowly shifting gear to adjust for autumn as my weekly fare changes. I hardly notice as salads and sorbets are slowly replaced by hearty warming dishes like braised duck and pear and almond cobbler.

I feel sad about the end of summer as I pack pretty summer dresses to the back of the wardrobe but know that I will be greeting them again in a matter of months. Now I feel the need to start hunkering down to the autumnal rhythm. I look forward to the carved pumpkins and excited childrens' faces of Halloween, the crisp smell of bonfire smoke and sparklers of Guy Fawke's Night and the family gathering of yuletide.

The following months are always harder, but pretty Spring is not far away and after she has greeted us with bouquets of snowdrops and daffodils Summer begins her dance again. I look forward meeting those warm endless nights filled with honeysuckle and laughter again next year.


  1. Hello Charlotte, what a lovely post accompanied by beautiful photos of your adorable cottage. Your words resonated with how I feel at the moment as we are heading towards warmer weather in Australia. As you wrote, the subtle changes in food, here I have gradually served more salads and it is now lighter at 6:00pm to walk our dog. Enjoy the changing seasons and it was nice to read your post this evening. Ann

  2. Yes, a lovely post. Like you, I've noticed the changes in the leaves - our walnut are beginning to fall and the squirrel (Nutter) who calls each year (we're soppy enough to think it's the same little fellow!) has been making free with them and leaving shells all over the garden. Another sign of autumn is that I've ordered the tulip bulbs and bought a new lambswool rug for one of the sofas. Next will be thick soups on the menu ...
    Margaret P

  3. I am still revelling in the late summer!No time for Autumn yet,besides my winter curtains are right at the back of my linen cupboard I realised today!! I love your chair with the pretty cushionKind regards Pam.

  4. I think Autumn has come earlier than last year here in Northumberland. The Beech trees are dropping their leaves in great quantities... Last year it was the beginning of October.... Hope it isn't a sign of a harsh winter!
    Julie x

  5. That cobbler looks delicious, I'm enjoying the Autumn fruits and trying to fill the freezer but I always miss the light Summer evenings.