Monday 9 June 2014

Cabbages & Roses sale

As a bonafide country bumpkin living in London I often dream of the day when I might have a little country retreat nestled in rolling hills and surrounded by trees. Christina Strutt, of the bucolic Cabbages & Roses has just that in a pretty little hamlet outside of Bath and this weekend she opened her garden gate for the Cabbages & Roses Brocante.
The sun beamed down, the birds sang and I felt as if I'd been plonked down in the middle of one of her glorious interior books. It was sublime.

Despite a shaky start weather-wise, the sun came out and the temperature quickly rose bare arm temperatures! Unfortunately I managed to catch the sun and ended up with shoulders the same colour as the Rose Lemonade we'd been quaffing in the garden earlier.

As well as the lovely surroundings there were was also a Cabbages & Roses tent filled with fabrics as well as Caroline Zoob's stall, Pillo and Odd Limited.

Then there was a little avenue of stall holders in white tents lining the walk to the cottage, Jill from Rosiebud Decorative Vintage was there with a very pretty stand

as well as Emma from Velvet Ribbon, Chloe Antiques and Heather from Hellish Designs (whose lovely stands I didn't manage to get a photo of due to my phone running out of power). After the little tents there was the Cabbages & Roses clothing sale in a large wooden gazebo that overlooked the garden. I managed to pick up a couple of lovely C&R dresses, a skirt and cardigan before the clothing gazebo was totally ransacked!

We did have plans to go on to Dyrham Park but by the time we got lunch it was getting on for 2 o'clock so we decided to enjoy the afternoon at Brook Cottage, sipping rose lemonade, chatting with other visitors and feasting our eyes on the pretty surroundings before hitting the motorway again.


  1. Just beautiful, I'm very envious! Jane x

  2. That rose lemonade sounds delicious. You must have had a wonderful day, it all looks so beautiful there.

  3. How must have been in heaven with all those gorgeous stalls.
    Wish I lived nearer, I would have been straight there!
    Julie x

  4. How delightful,I wish I could go to places like this,alot of vintage fairs do seem to be in lovely southern areas!! Please could you post pictures of the things you purchased we would love to see! Pam.

  5. What a stunning place for a visit, I'd have been in my element with all those stalls.

  6. I am seriously jealous! Did you get to have a mooch about her amazing house?? !! xx

    1. I wish! No one was allowed into her home (quite understandably as there were a lot of people!). Portaloos were provided for those who needed to use the facilities - which didn't quite fit with the Cabbagey Rosey experience.

  7. Looks like a very fun event!