Friday 31 January 2014

Copenhagen I

I'm now back from a very frosty Copenhagen; it was -2 °C most days with a wind chill of -15 °C! Thankfully it only began to snow on the last day so apart from frozen finger tips and needing copious amounts of hot chocolate to keep warm it did not hinder us too much as we strolled around this beautiful city.

We stayed in a friend's very stylish and very Danish flat in Frederiksberg. It was at the top of a lovely old building and was so light and airy. A real contrast to our own home, it has made me want to do a serious de-clutter! She also introduced us to the Danish concept of hygge - being cosy and keeping the winter dark at bay. An idea that I definitely want to emulate back here! We noticed lots and lots of candles, lanterns and little flower displays inside and outside shops, restaurants and homes; all little reminders during the dark winter days of the promise of Spring to come!

We visited the beautiful Rosenborg Palace which really is absolutely amazing. I've read Music and Silence by Rose Tremain so it was really interesting to see the actual palace I'd been reading about. The basement where the Treasury is now housed used to be where the Royal Orchestra would play providing seemingly magical music to the rooms in the palace above.

There was so much to see; a breathtaking room lined completely with mirrors, rooms full of porcelain and the treasury bursting with gold, jewels, swords and an saddle embroidered with golden thread and seed pearls! As well as the audience room with a throne made from Narwhal tusks guarded by three silver lions!

We went to so many other places and we left with plenty still to tick off our list so we are already planning a trip back in the Summer (when it is warmer!) Hopefully we may even venture out of Copenhagen and see a bit more of the beautiful Danish countryside!

Still to come Brumbleby Village, Christianberg Palace, Rundetårn and Nyehavn!


  1. Your friend's flat is so so lovely. I like the light wood floors. The mint green roof tops and statue I admire too. Your posts always make me happy. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Copenhagen is the most beautiful city and your friend's apartment is gorgeous!

  3. How beautiful it all is! I would love to go to Copenhagen someday. Thank you for sharing the photos! Don't feel bad about the's been -18 Fahrenheit in the mornings here in Minnesota, with -45 wind-chill. I would love for it to be as "warm" as you had it! But spring will be best of of these days.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I really like the idea of hygge - must give that idea a try. I'm also leaning much more towards a minimalist look recently so shall be joining you in doing some decluttering. The building where your friend lives is lovely, one day I must visit Scandinavia.

  5. Beautiful pictures of the Rosenborg Palace, you must have had a great time in Copenhagen, the temperature was not too bad for the northern countries.

  6. It looks like a stunning place to visit, even in the chilly winter. I'm looking forward to your next post!

  7. Serious envy Charlotte... Somewhere where I have always wanted to visit. Thank you for the tour...
    Julie x