Thursday 31 October 2013


October seems to have flown by, with preparing for my Mum and Dad's annual visit to London and stay at our cottage as well getting the plans for our garden room sorted out all leaving very little time for blogging!
Today, after waving goodbye to my Mum and Dad it was Halloween central at the cottage with my undertaking of a rather ambitious pumpkin carving project. It is supposed to be the headless horseman but it did go all a bit wrong. There are more cocktail sticks than I would care to mention holding in important bits which I accidentally cut out! But it has been received favourably by the trick or treat callers so far! (They are very forgiving in these parts!)

I seem to have loads to do just now with quite a bit of preparation to do before any work can start on the garden room - we have been given the go ahead by the planning department! We also have a few ideas on putting a little porch on our cottage - just now the front door opens straight into the sitting room so I will let you know if anything progresses with that!

It seems like only yesterday the leaves where still relatively green on the trees but they are quickly changing into their usual sunset autumn hues and it won't be long until I'm out there collecting them for leaf mould (and probably wishing they were still on the trees!)

Still, at least Ivy has a bit of fun with the leaves whilst they are falling to the ground! Her she is mid leaf-lunge!

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  1. The pumpkin looks great to me! I'd love to hear and see more of the garden room, it sounds very exciting.