Monday 19 August 2013

Back again

I'm back from my Scottish sojourn, I bid farewell to my family (and the sheep!) and headed back down to London a few days ago. Even though it's not that far away and it's not as if I'm journeying to another continent, the trek back always feels rather epic. It starts with a two hour car journey, followed by an hour and a quarter plane trip, then a short bus ride to the nearest train station followed by a 30 minute train journey and another bus! So after my trip I really have gone by plane, train and automobile!

 I haven't really been up to much since I've been back apart from a little sewing project. We decided that we wanted to start weaning Holly and Ivy off from the sofa and armchair (we don't have a huge amount of furniture in our sitting room and it was always a bit awkward offering a guest a seat when both of the cats are already on them!) So I decided to make Holly and Ivy a comfier bed to soften the blow. I used some old french ticking I had bought ages ago from Ardingly and found this really simple tutorial on-line. In a few hours they had a new bed!

 Holly definitely seems to have claimed it as "hers" just now. I hadn't actually finished stuffing it in the photo above before she spotted the lounging potential! Ivy has given it a go too although she prefers to lie on me on the sofa as her "compromise"! I'm really pleased with how it turned out especially as some of the fancier dog/cat beds seem to cost a ridiculous amount of money.
So I feel delightfully thrifty and Holly feels very cosy - it's a win/win situation!


  1. Charlotte do you mind me asking what colour you painted your
    living room - it's just what I've been looking for! Thank you x

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Of course not, it's Acorn by Little Greene Paint Co.

  2. Holly and Ivy's new bed looks really good Charlotte, well done! Your travelling sounds similar to when I visit my parents. I also love the green in your living room.

  3. Thank you very much Charlotte, you've inspired me to get the paintbrush out again! Your blog and home are lovely.

  4. Ahhh I am not suprised holly has claimed it, it looks so lovely and soft. Bless you, dee x

  5. Hi Charlotte,
    Pleased that you are back to blogging after your trip. Thank you for adding the link to the tutorial for a cat bed. I recently adopted a kitten and have been thinking about something like this. This tutorial makes things much easier.

  6. Your Holly looks very much like a fur baby we once had, She has gone on to pussy heaven now but that pic of her looking directly at you reminded me so much of our Puss.

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