Monday 27 May 2013

My own Chelsea

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, it's so nice to get some other opinions. I've decided against painting the fireplace - I think I started to doubt that idea after I took the sitting room photo where the fireplace looks quite nice! I'm still dithering about the dresser but will let you know when I make up my mind!
I wasn't able to get tickets for the Chelsea Flower show this year so I have been taking solace in my own garden and thankfully have had much better weather to enjoy it in than the rather wet and chilly weather that most people had at the Chelsea Flower show!

On Sunday the weather was lovely, I sat outside at garden table under the parasol and enjoyed a cool drink and a good book. The cats lounged about in the sun moving to the shade when they got too warm. It was like being on holiday!

The clematis I planted last Spring has finally decided to flower. It has delicate pink flowers scented like sugared almonds, it has already outgrown the trellis it is on so I am training it along the fence - tying it in was very pleasant indeed with the sugary perfume filling the air.
I'm afraid Ivy seems very unimpressed with my cucumber and tomato seedlings, I expect she would be much more encouraging if there was such a thing as a milk bottle plant!

The lilac bush is also in full bloom and fills the air at the bottom of the garden with it's own sweet scent. The roses that grow against the wall are already in bud and I was especially pleased to see that the fragrant red rose has more buds on it this year after I cut it back last winter.
I love these "pin-wheel" style geraniums, their flowers are so soft and delicate. I took a couple of cuttings from it earlier and they have taken root so I am hoping to have many more of these dotted through the garden.
Probably not quite Chelsea Gold material but it always gets the People's Choice award from me!


  1. Just stunning!
    Thea x

  2. most certainly a gold medal!...a little slice of heaven you have there. x

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful.

  4. The lilac is beautiful. I walk past a lovely version on my way to the train station each morning, and it so makes me long for a garden of my own in which to plant one! Your garden is just lovely.

  5. It looks stunning - and how lovely to be able to take the time to sit back and enjoy it x Jane

  6. Your garden is beautiful, as are Holly and Ivy, I have a cottage in Sydney and the postage stamp sized garden is subsiding into Autumn but I love it. I am so glad you are not painting the fireplace, it is gorgeous as is. All the best, Denise.

  7. What a very pretty garden and I do envy your gorgeous Lilac bush.So very glad that you're not painting your lovely fireplace! Kind Regards Pam.

  8. Stunning photography, true nature photography.