Wednesday 15 May 2013

Bits and pieces

The miserable May weather we have been having lately has driven Ivy to make her own pretend garden from the floral patterned door curtain and our green shaded door mat. I do think that she looks like she is trying to "make-believe" that she is a lovely sunny cottage garden, lying on soft grass with tall stocks and delphiniums in the flower beds behind her. Poor Ivy, hopefully the weather will improve soon and we can both be out in the garden!

I promised in my last post to share the few goodies that I picked up during Chloe Antiques Spring Open House Sale. There are only three things - I did tell you I was remarkable restrained and a little curtailed by some last minute dithering over some lovely plain white French dinner plates which I wasn't sure about. Then after thinking about it I realised that I did like them only to find the whole stack had been bought by some one much more decisive than me!
After that the first thing I picked up was this pretty cushion in old linen with a faded floral panel. I really like the colours and the fact that you can just make out the outline of what look like light coloured delphiniums or hollyhocks in the background.

Then I chanced upon this pretty little sugar pot (I think it was the little pear shaped handle that swung it for me - I do seem to have a thing about pears!)

Plus it matches in with a pretty Luneville cup that I found in an antique shop ages ago. I've been keeping an eye out for these for a while now but can never find any in this nice large breakfast cup shape. I think I'm more than a little swayed by Christina Strutt's beautiful dresser which is practically dripping in these pretty cups!

And last but not least, Cherub Antiques also had a little stand in Chloe's kitchen with some gorgeous pieces of old jewellery. I spied this pretty shaped watch fob which came with a lovely old coin with Islamic calligraphy on the front. I plan on wearing it as a pendant on a long chain and artfully arranging it on my dressing table when it is not around my neck!


  1. What a pretty cushion.... Love the faded flowers and your pendant piece is most unusual. Is it silver?
    Julie x

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks, looking at that photo I think the little French chair it is sitting on is ripe for recovering. It will probably take me a bit of time to work up the courage to tackle that task though! Yes, the pendant is silver.


  2. Hi what lovely things I particularly like the gorgeous cushion.'bye for now Pam.

  3. What a sweet cushion, the sugar bowl is gorgeous and I love the fob!
    Poor Ivy, hope she has a better weekend! My cat Sid sits out in the rain giving not a toss, comes in for a towel dry and then goes straight back out again...cats eh? We love 'em!
    Rose H