Tuesday 20 November 2012


Last week we had visitors in our cosy cottage. My Mum and Dad had made their way down from the Highlands of Scotland to come and stay for a few days with us and experience the sights and sounds of London. The second bedroom looked quite different with the little daybed transformed to a comfortable double (there's a truckle bed and mattress hiding behind the valance). It was a lovely couple of days filled with tasty food, good company and lots of lovely things to do. Mum and I made a bee-line for the Country Living Fair, armed with a list of Christmas presents. We arrived early on the Wednesday morning, keen to avoid the crowds and managed to get quite a few presents ticked off the list. Of course, we couldn't very well go to the Country Living fair and not get a few goodies for ourselves!
I picked up a lovely white and light blue vintage french match box holder, I'd been looking for one for a while and couldn't believe my luck when I spotted this pretty little box on the Rosie's Armoire stall.

A couple of baubles for the Christmas tree...

A charming miniature stocking with vintage embroidery from Chloe Antiques and a delicate glass with gilt decoration from Caroline Zoob.

The next day we managed to fit in a visit to the Tower of London and a trip to St Martins Theatre to watch the Mouse Trap by Agatha Christie which was excellent. St Martins Theatre is very Victorian and quite small compared to other London theatres, but it added to our enjoyment!
It was a truly delightful couple of days which went by much too quickly (as delightful days always do!)


  1. Your life is so charming!!
    I just learned another Britishism vs. Americanism: you say "truckle bed", we say "trundle bed".
    I'm glad you had a lovely visit!

  2. A lovely post Charlotte, and I like the items you bought, especially the little box and baubles.

  3. Qué bonitas tus compras! Saludos

  4. It's amazing that Rhe Mousetrap is still running - I went to see it about 40 years ago - so long that I could go again now as I can't remember a thing about the storyline:) Country Living Christmas Fair is always enjoyable but this year my friend and I are going to the one in Harrogate as that is much nearer to us.

  5. The embroidered stocking is gorgeous! What a fantastic find! How did your parents find the South? How does it compare to the highlands?

    1. They both used to work in and around London before they moved up to the Highlands so it isn't too much of a culture shock. But I think the sheer number of things to do in London and the accessibility of everything always surprises them. Although I imagine they are both glad to return to the calm countryside afterwards!

  6. Mouse Trap is fantastic isn't it? Although I did see it many, many years ago when I may not have been of an age to appreciate the period costume of the time.

  7. Your guest room is looking GORGEOUS! WOW! Really stunning. I was so gutted to miss the Christmas Fair this year - I just couldn't face taking Sophie round with me! I LOVE going with my mum too!


  8. Sounds like you had fun! I took my mum to the CL fair too and came away with some lovely purchases too! Love your match tin, so pretty, are you going to use it for matches or something else?
    Your guest room is gorgeous - love the bed and the little shelf :)x

  9. Sounds like a magical time.

    What an adorable little stocking!

    - The Tablescaper