Tuesday 21 August 2012


Image from BBC 2 Great British Bake Off page
He took a bite of the yeasty cake and began to chew, his brow crinkled in consternation. A couple of seconds later his face had turned a fetching hue of magenta and a grimace of disgust was fixed upon his face. "He's going to spit it out!" I gasped, "it's going to be just like the ciabatta incident of 2011 all over again!"
We were watching Paul Hollywood munching a salty Rum Baba during the first episode of The Great British Bake off. Thankfully the mouthful of Rum Baba was digested and the contestant did not have to face the horror of making Paul Hollywood regurgitate some of his Baba, unlike the contestant who put too much salt in their ciabatta during the 2011 show.
"They probably have had clamped down on Paul Hollywood spitting out food, it's a bad influence on children watching", my husband observed while nodding sagely at me.

We were later fixed to the TV screen in awe as the contestants grappled with various sized sponges as they took references from what looked like engineering plans for small skyscrapers while they endeavoured to make "a cake with a surprise inside". I have to say that I think that if I had been confronted with the task of making a union jack out of blue and red sponge it might just have put me off baking for life! I much prefer simple home baking to overly primped confections, although I'm not adverse to eating them - just making them!


I like to stick to the baking classics such as Victoria sponges, chocolate cakes, tarts, pies and scones! And now I have my new oven I'm thoroughly looking forward to gaining some baking inspiration from the Great British Bake Off, but hopefully any Baba's I make will be purely of the sugary variety!


  1. I'm not familiar with what a "Baba" is, but I'd sure like to tuck into whatever that is in the last photo!

  2. The GBBO is back...hooray! Looks like YOU should be taking part! :0)

  3. Great show, your tart looks delicious! Perhaps you'll share the recipe later? Have a great week! Sharon :)

    1. Hi,
      Here's the recipe for the plum bakewell: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/3344309/At-home-with-Jamie-Oliver.html#

  4. I'm watching Bake Off as I type ... I love it! Your baking looks excellent too, yum yum xxx

  5. The same as your last comment, watching it at the moment, I so enjoy this programme, but they are a little hard on their contestants this year. Love your photos! Have a lovely week.

  6. I swear I put on 5lbs just watching that programme!

  7. I love GBBO! Wonderful programme. I wouldn't even attempt a rum baba.... :)

  8. Hello Charlotte - I've Just read your comment on The Cloth Shed.
    My family are from Gatehouse of Fleet and I used to spend every summer up there with my Nan.
    I loved going to Kircudbright on the bus with her and in adult years when we lived in England we would go and stay at Mossyard.
    One of my 'must do's' was always to go into Castle Douglas - just loved it and Designs - wonderful.
    I'm hoping to go over there next year.
    I miss the area , its just beautiful but of course so is here.


  9. Thanks for your kind comment Charlotte..we didn't get as far as Castle Douglas this time, but will return soon and check out Designs....sounds like my kind of shop.
    Julie x