Thursday 7 June 2012


The Jubilee weekend passed me by in a bit of a blur; the weeks of hype and gradual reduction of tube carriage space during the Jubilee week had left me a feeling rather jaded. Instead of rushing down to the waters edge of the Thames or squeezing myself along the Mall I opted to stay at home and watch the jubilation from our sitting room in easy range of the kettle and other creature comforts! Although I'm not a staunch royalist the celebrations did make me think about how unusual we are as a nation to have such a remarkable monarch who is instantly recognisable all over the world, and I would be lying if I said that didn't make me just a little bit proud to be British!
But I wasn't completely armchair bound all weekend as I was tempted outside by the promise of the Untitled Art fair in Chelsea which was lovely and I did not come back empty handed!

Our shelves had been looking rather minimalist since we had them built and amongst my list of objects to artfully arrange on them was a nice oil painting to prop up on the shelves and bring a bit of colour to the room. I did wonder about whether the subject matter was a bit too foody for the sitting room, but I really like the soft composition and the colours used.
Never one to waste an opportunity, I took a quick jaunt down Kings Road to visit to Cabbages and Roses. I had been umming and ahhing over their fabric for months and this photo finally made me decide to to splurge on some Bees Linen.

Image from Cabbages and Rose's Facebook page

My length of linen is also destined to become a tablecloth and a rummage around in their remmants box did produce a possible backing material for the quilt (I almost feel I should whisper it as I've not done any work on the quilt since I last posted about it back in  January - although at least this proves that it is in my thoughts!)
I've also just noticed the pears on the table in the above photo which proves that I am quite obviously very open to suggestion as I've just bought a painting of pears. But then I've salivated over this image so many times its not surprising that the details are etched on my mind!
Now I just need to get some lovely fragrant stocks, a candlestick and some Sunderland lustreware too...


  1. The picture you bought is lovely, and I can understand why you bought it, full of lovely colours. Cabbages and Roses I have a bit of a soft spot for (especially the clothes!!!) and their fabrics have that lovely french shabby chic look about them.
    have a great weekend, lets hope the rain stops at sometime soon.

  2. Oh for a kitchen like's gorgeous!
    I love your shelf display,and the still life painting.I think I have too much on my dresser now,it's looking very cluttered. :0)

  3. How I wish I could just "take a quick jaunt down the King's Road to C & R."....I would be in heaven.
    Love your fabric choice Charlotte and your painting is perfect propped on the shelf.
    Julie x

    1. Thanks Julie, yes there are some benefits to living in London ;), but you have the beautiful Northumbrian countryside on your doorstep and RE!

  4. Beautiful painting; love the C & R picture x

  5. The painting is beautiful and looks very much in place at your shelves. The fabric is lovely too. Can't wait to see how you will blend it in your interior.

  6. Lovely painting Charlotte, the colours are wonderful,and as for C&R, well, that's an evolving addiction of mine.
    Your new items will brighten up your days even if the weather doesn't.
    Have a dry weekend.
    Joasia x

  7. Love the painting ... I'm very partial to still life painting, and also to botanical paintings and, if I had the wherewithal, a Scottish Colourist painting, or if I had truly mega bucks, an original Vermeer ...
    I do like the Cabbages & Roses fabric, it has a delightful faded look.
    Margaret P

  8. Very pretty painting Charlotte and it looks perfect on your sitting room shelf. I love C&R fabric and the Bees Linen is delightful. It's strange how we sometimes buy something and without realising, it becomes a complete match for something else. Those pears must have been subconciously etched in you mind!


  9. I absolutely love the painting of the pears, I think the pale blue background with the tiny flowers makes it feel as if it belongs in your sitting room...lovely. Have a great week. Sharon

  10. The painting is beautiful - perfect on that shelf - and oh yes, - I remember the delightful days when i could take a quick jaunt down the King's Road - slightly harder now that I'm in Norfolk - lol! I too am in love with all things Cabbages and Roses - great choice of fabric.
    Paula xx

  11. So glad you were tempted into buying some Bees - it makes a beautiful tablecloth! We'd love to see a photo of it in situ

  12. Lovely painting, and it looks perfect on your shelves.