Friday 28 October 2011

Autumnal Thoughts

Halloween is just round the corner so I've lined up some mini pumpkins or munchkins on the dining room mantle piece. The mellow orange has a lovely glow to it.
I can't quite believe October is nearly over and soon the warm hues of autumn will give way to cooler crisper winter. The leaves of the tree at the bottom of our garden had stayed relatively green but seem to have turned very quickly this week.
The garden has slowly started to settle into the season, but I still have a few flowers; heliotrope, snap dragon, nasturtium and Japanese anemone and providing bursts of colour. The roses are also giving one last display before winter, hopefully the frosts will hold off for a bit so that I can enjoy these last blooms.
Gradually, these pastel petals will give way to the richer shades of berries, the holly bush at the bottom of the garden has a few already.


  1. How golden your garden looks Charlotte. We will miss these colours when the leaves have flown and our surroundings become bare and the skies turn a solid gray.


  2. Thanks for giving me a peek at your garden, its lovely, small but lots to look at.

  3. What fabulous autumnal colours! (Thank you also for the garden photos- ours is a similar size so I'm always interested to see small gardens & how people plant & use them)

  4. What gorgeous photos. I love love love all that glorious color!

  5. Your garden looks wonderful in it's Autumnal finery :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  6. Love the look of your garden, fall has finally gotten started here, but few leaves have changed colors, just loads of acorns hitting the ground.

  7. Your garden is a picture in autumn!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  8. A lovely garden, full of autumnal colour! Makes me want to do a post with pictures of our garden, but perhaps I should tidy up a little first...