Friday 3 December 2010

Snow in the big smoke!

Hello to my loyal followers and new additions! It's been a while hasn't it? This was the wintry scene that greeted us on Wednesday morning in London and has been hanging on ever since - though sleet is forecast for later on today. The garden looks very sad and my little pot of hardy pansies on the table seems to have been hit by a mini avalanche - it's very cold down here too time to go inside I think!
With the cold weather there has been lots of time for indoor activities such as eBay hunting! Here is my latest find, a lovely Victorian bedroom chair and just small enough to fit in our main bedroom.
Hmmm - I wonder if I could fit a cushion on it? I feel another vintage cushion purchase coming along!
Meanwhile, I'm still in dresser rapture - our dining room now looks so cosy!
And speaking of all things cosy, on to my next purchase - a pair of beautiful Christmas stockings made from a Victorian "Granny's Garden" quilt in red and white

They will look lovely on the large fireplace in the dining room with perhaps a garland of holly across the mantle piece?
 And finally, I've been on the hunt for the perfect Christmas wreath for our Georgian cottage and I think I've found it - with springs of mistletoe and rose hips this will look lovely on our front door.
Thank you for all your lovely comments, it's so nice to have lots of virtual visitors to my cottage - hopefully it won't be so long til my next post!


  1. Hello there!
    I love the ebay find Victorian chair.
    It is cold here to but we're just going to pop out and admire the snow before it melts!
    June - catsdogsandeiderdowns

  2. The wreath is perfect ! very tasteful, love the chair ! and thank you for the tour of your cottage- its beautiful -I enjoyed it very much .

  3. Just found your blog.I just love your lttle cottage,and the way you are decorating it.
    That chair is gorgeous! :0)

  4. Hello your cottage looks lovely and beautifully decorated .
    Really pretty buys I am loving that little chair .Poor pansies I wonder how hardy they are?
    xx fee

  5. We are also having snow and ice here in Holland Charlotte. My pansies are starting to perk back up after the temperatures went up a few days ago only now it is back to -2C again. The roads are really bad here and traffic is impossible to get through. Is it like that there too?

    I love your patchwork stockings. I am making a hexagon stocking myself at the moment. I would also like to make some linen ones but that will probably have to be a project for next Christmas. Today I am starting to decorate for Christmas. When will you start decorating?

    The chair is so pretty. It looks very low. Is it? I adore the pine chest of drawers behind it.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Your house looks so pretty - it must be so nice to decorate for Christmas, the stockings are great - hope they get filled up soon! The reef is very decorative so unusual with the rose hips - great buy! Enjoy getting prepared for christmas for me I almost think this is the best bit! all the preparations and anticipation. Keep Warm

  7. Just passing by on my travels and wanted to take the time to say, charming cottage, you have good taste and style, this all reminds me of my first house and that's a good memory to carry, thank you for your time, and fair thee well.