Thursday 17 June 2010

Finally, it's ours!

The cottage is finally officially ours. We picked up the keys on Monday and since then we have been whizzing over after work to meet builders, ponder paint samples and just enjoy the biggest purchase of our lives!

Even the tube stations out here are nicer!

We haven't moved in yet as we have some work that the builders need to do and decorating so we hope to be in by July.

Yesterday, we met one of our next-door neighbours. She was very friendly and invited us over for drinks in her garden, during the course of the conversation she happened to mention that the cottage was almost 200 years old! This was a lovely surprise as we had previously thought that our cottage was Victorian, but she has a copy of an old map from 1814 which shows our two cottages as the only dwellings on the road! The cottages were workers cottages for a farm that used to be at then end of the road (there is a golf course there now, which is a shame).

Thank you for all the good wishes people have posted, and hello to my new followers - more photos to follow tonight!


  1. Congratulations! Your cottage looks lovely and I agree about the tube station - It would be a joy catching it from there everyday.

  2. Your cottage looks lovely - we had a similar experience with the age of our cottage, we were told it was 1897 but have since traced it back to 1860. Ours is two knocked into one, but there are also two the same next to us - the four cottages were the only dwellings on our street and we think they must have been labourers cottages. It is so interesting living in old houses.
    Jo xx