Friday 7 November 2014

All the small things

Sometimes, usually on Sunday mornings while I'm listening to the Archers omnibus and finishing my cleaning with a quick dust and polish. I like to take a moment to look at the little details on certain pieces in our home. The delicate brush strokes on a hand painted plate or the pretty moulding on a French mirror.

Noticing these small things and appreciating them in new lights certainly makes that household chore less onorous! On closer inspection, I find myself identifying certain things; those pretty blossoms are actually Forget-me-knots, or the border of another plate is trimmed by Lily of the Valley.

I used to be much more frivolous on my buying forrays to antique shops and fairs. Procuring anything I remotely liked the look of without really thinking about where I was going to put it. Now I am much more restrained and only buy something which I really love. Occasionally, I walk away from something that I should have really bought and regretted it later. But at least I no longer have a horde of items that I bought without really thinking about how they would fit it.

I find that now without the clutter of things that I only kind of liked, I can see the small delicate details of the things that I love. They give me a little bit of joy when they catch my eye, whether it is while cleaning or while I am heading out of the door on a Monday morning.


  1. This is an inspiring post Charlotte. When we built our 'down-size' cottage I took the opportunity to give away so many things we had accumulated. Now, I take more time thinking about what I really like before buying and it feels much better having a home with less clutter. Your plates are gorgeous!

  2. I love them all! I have passed up on a number of things in life I later regretted not buying. I also love your garden below in that posting. I followed your remodel and won't you enjoy it this winter!

  3. Good advice for collectors! I find myself using a little more restraint since we retired and moved to a smaller house!
    Have a great weekend,
    Dorothy and Ms.Wilma~

  4. Yes it's true the little details are a joy to focus on,I have just put out my glass candle sticks for winter and am enjoying the pretty effects of candle light on glass. Warm regards Pam.

  5. We were much the same when we bought our house - we bought anything we liked that was old, but now we are slightly more restrained and think about where it will love.

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