Sunday 31 August 2014

Dahlia delights

Earlier this year I made a New Year's resolution I knew I would be able to keep. After seeing Sharon from My French Country Home's swoon-worthy photographs of the peachy bloomed Dahlia Cafe au Lait, I decided to put aside my various preconceptions about dahlias and have a go.

I'd always steered away from growing dahlias previously as the varieties I saw were always seemed so garish and artificial looking. I have to admit that there was probably an element of garden snobbery about them as well, although now I have to admit I'm at a loss as to why! Perhaps it's because I think of myself as much more of a billowy gardener and preferring pastel hues to traffic stoppers! But the more I looked around the more I saw that dahlias were beginning to shed their "only for male gardeners of a certain age" reputation and were starting to pop up all over the place.

And I'm very glad they did! I have been out in the garden every evening after work, patiently waiting as the button sized buds swell and became the size of cherry tomatoes, imagining the Mille-feuille-like layers of pastely, peachy pink stuffed into that tiny space - like a ballerina's tutu stuffed into a hat box!

This foray into the world of dahlias has certainly whetted my appetite and I know for sure that there are definitely more tubers on the horizon for my garden!


  1. Your garden looks lovely. You wouldn't think that it was in the throws of construction, just a matter of months ago! My garden has to be torn up next Spring, due to construction... I hope it bounces back as well as yours.

  2. I think a lot of people have changed their minds over the past few years re dahlias - they are not the blowsy barmaids of the horticultural world but truly amazing blooms, and these are a delight.
    Margaret P

  3. I have just bought a cottage and moved to England from Italy and your garden has been a source of inspiration for me as I am a total novice on gardening.