Sunday 2 June 2013

Village Vintage

It seemed to take an age but finally the Friday 31st rolled around. I took the day off work and my sister-in-law and I hopped on the train from Victoria to Plumpton, excited about our Village Vintage outing. We were worried about the weather but finally as the train chugged along the sun rose higher and burnt off the silvery grey clouds revealing a cerulean blue sky. The sun warmed our faces as we peered through the train windows and we knew it was going to be a glorious day.

We bought our entry tickets and squeezed through the Plumpton Racecourse turnstiles and began wandering around the marquees and stalls. Everything was displayed beautifully I could have taken thousands of photos but I'm afraid that when I am in shopping mode photos take second seat!
One of the first stalls we visited was Gil Fox's beautiful hat and millinery stand. I tried on several of the lovely floppy straw hats and found one that looked just right, Gil very kindly offered to customise it for me and we decided that adding a ribbon threaded through the straw to make the fit more secure would look best. I also picked up a silky peony flower corsage and delicate apple blossom hair clip.

Then we moved across the marquee to the Rosiebud Decorative Vintage stand, it was lovely to see Jill again and her stand was wonderfully set out with little posies of pretty cottage garden flowers dotted around her stall.

We wandered around until lunchtime enjoying tea, lemon drizzle cake and mango sorbet ice cream from the little ice cream van  near the entrance and then decided to head back to London, hoping that the weather would hold out so we could sit in the garden and discuss the day.

Once home my purchases were swiftly out of their paper bags and were posed in various places until I found the perfect place. This lovely little watercolour painting's colours are just right on the shelves in my sitting room. The pastel shades pick out the pretty light blue border on the plate I purchased from Chloe last December and the peachy pink shades match the coral pink shades on the sea shell my husband found on the beach in Kirkcudbright a couple of winters ago. (Chloe was also at the fair although I forgot to take some photos of her gorgeous stand!)

My other purchases included this pretty pink lustreware mug from Jill's stand, it's lovely pink glaze matches the silky pink peony corsage and the apple blossom hair clip I bought from Gil Fox. I also couldn't resist a candle from Parkminster Products, the lemongrass is such a lovely and fresh zesty scent. Even unlit I catch whiffs of it's lovely fragrance as I walk past.
I can't wait until the next Village Vintage event!


  1. What a lovely way to spend a day with friend and finding fun new treasures made it perfect.

    Unfortunately, I have no friends who enjoy flea market shopping and although my husband likes to go to spend time with me, he doesn't understand the time spent at each stand. So, I just frequent vintage shops.

    Have a lovely day

  2. Wow! What a great day. I would of brought lots and lots.

  3. What a lovely day,I love the things that you bought!Isn't everything more joyous in the sunshine?Kind regards Pam.

  4. Love the pink lusterware jug!
    Margaret P

  5. How lovely to see the mug, perfect with the flowers, great to see you on Friday perhaps you can make the next Wisborough Green its on a Saturday this time. There was some beautiful things to buy, sometimes I wished I was a buyer and not a stallholder!!
    Rosiebud Decorative Vintage

  6. Lovely images Charlotte .... thank you *

  7. Hello from Canada..can I just first of all say THANK YOU..for what is one of the nicest comments I have ever really did make my day and I so appreciate can I say I want one of everything in this post!!!! So glad to have found you! All the best,Chrissy

  8. Great collection :) I like the pinkish jug in pictures :)