Monday 1 April 2013


I was very restrained during my shopping trip to the CL Fair, although looking back at the photos I could practically fill a shopping trolley with items that I didn't spy while I was there. I do find there is a slightly panicked atmosphere there especially when the crowds start turning up which does not lend itself to shopping potters (I am definitely a shopping potterer, I like to mull over prospective purchases and think about it a bit - I am not good at the smash and grab style of shopping; I would be a hopeless shopping companion during the crazy Oxford Street New Year sales!) My first purchase of the day was a sweet little brass bell with a lovely olive green and cream grosgrain ribbon and it makes a very pretty tinkling ring sound.

Next I found a lovely fabric covered box in beautiful French fabric. I am trying to build up a collection of these to stack on the shelves in our sitting room. The pretty eau de nil shade of the fabric matches perfectly soft pastel green sitting room walls.

I did find another fabric covered box, this time it was an old glove box with lovely faded floral fabric. It doesn't quite go with the French fabric box so it has gone up to the second bedroom and sits on the bedroom shelf.

On the weekend my husband and I drove all the way to Lincolnshire for the Decorative Country Living open day. It was held in the Decorative Country Living shop - a pretty little chapel built of creamy stone. Everything was beautifully laid out and Amanda was there to welcome everyone. I bought this gorgeous quilt, I love the blue-grey shade of the fabric and the pretty pink roses are divine! It has found a home in the old French linen basket on the top of the wardrobe in our bedroom (although I doubt it will stay put for long!)


  1. You scored some lovely finds, Charlotte! I love the bell, the fabric covered boxes, and the beautiful quilt. Your cottage is so charming; I really like the little fireplace in your bedroom and all your pretty wall colors.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Your purchases are lovely Charlotte, I particularly like the 1st box you showed. Your cottage is looking so pretty and fresh. I hope you are having a relaxing Easter Monday, love Linda x

  3. The fabric covered boxes are lovely, such pretty storage and I love the quilt, don't keep it hidden in the linen basket!

  4. I agree with you about the country living fair. We always try to go early as it gets soooo busy. You can't concentrate on all the wonderful things when people are elbowing you to get past. Some people can be vicious. However, it is not as bad as my local WI market. One old lady was desperate to get past me in the queue I wouldn't let her push in front so she dropped a coin on the floor and as I picked it up for her she pushed in front to get served. I think I'm a mug when it comes to aggressive shopping opportunities. I love your purchases and your fireplace with the plates above it. :-)

  5. What beautiful things you bought, but I love the quilt has lovely colors.

  6. I did enjoy your post it was full of such prettiness!I adore the quilt I just LOVE all things pink and flowery!!The wardrobe in your picture is just delightful,aren't we lucky to have such beautiful things? 'bye for now Pam.

  7. I just found your blog and it's beautiful, am now happily following..xx

  8. Hi Charlotte,
    Love your little treasures from the CL Fair - I also go twice a year and thoroughly enjoy it every time.
    I have also enjoyed looking through your lovely blog and reading quite a few of your posts.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    xoxo Ingrid

  9. The fabric covered boxes are charming and I love the quilt: I love anything with flowers lately, it makes up for the very cold spring.