Friday 14 September 2012

Bon vacances I

After a short break in the beautiful city of Paris we have now back at home. It was lovely, although I did feel sometimes that swapping one city for another is not the recipe for a restful sojourn!
We did a bit of a whistle-stop tour anxious to soak up as much French culture as possible during our Parisian mini-break.

We arrived really early in Paris at about 09:30 in the morning after a quick stop off at the hotel were on our way to our first destination; the Louvre. It was really nice to wander around the quiet rooms to catch glimpses of amazing paintings such as the Vermeer Lacemaker painting and have a look at some lovely Dutch still life paintings. When we decided to make our way to the famed Mona Lisa painting it was so overwhelmingly busy!

After much floor plan navigation we dodged our way over to the Napoleonic apartments which were so sumptuous I managed to sneak my camera out for a few photos! The animals in the photo above are part of an art exhibition that was also on show during our visit and are not real, however the poor little lapins in the photo below were and had been fashioned into slippers!

I fell in love with the beautiful wallpaper dotted with floral posies although I found the gilding and chandeliers a bit much I could quite happily live with that wall covering!
Afterwards we headed to Angelina Patisserie from some velvety smooth hot chocolate with Chantilly cream and a tartlette or two; followed by a wander around the Tuileries to walk it off!

Still to come - Versailles!


  1. A lovely post Charlotte with beautiful photographs to compliment your written words.

  2. Lovely post and love the wallpaper too. Poor rabbits! Hot chocolate and pastries sound divine ... Looking forward to hearing all about Versailles!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Claire xxx

  3. C'est un joli petit reportage.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  4. Oh, thanks for sharing! So this means a mini-vacation for me, too! Looking forward for more! Love Paris, not as much as London though, but that's to do with personal memories, I think. And Paris is easier to reach for me... but still, I just don't drive there for the weekend, as I do so much enjoy my little home, Kerbihan, with its little garden I do love pottering around...

  5. Ah, it takes me back. I used to live there and frequent that park. Thanks for that!

  6. How fabulous! I absolutely love Paris, but it's been far too long since I've visited. lovely seeing it through your eyes!
    looking forward to Versailles!
    Best wishes,
    Paula x

  7. Your Paris trip looks great Charlotte. Stunning photos, I've never been to the Napoleonic Rooms - must remedy that if I get to Paris again.

    Off to look at Versailles now.